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Update on the status of the members’ request to convene an EGM (Dec 15, 2019)

Date : 15 Dec 2019

Dear LSCOBA Members,

We refer to our announcements made on 29 July 2019, 7 August 2019, 21 August 2019 and 16 October 2019 regarding the members’ requests to convene an extraordinary general meeting. Unless otherwise stated, capitalised terms herein would have the same meanings as defined in the last announcement.

The Committee would like to once again stress that we appreciate the significance of this matter to LSCOBA and our Members. LSCOBA treasures the diversity and brotherhood among our Members and recognises the importance of LSCOBA to be a platform where our Members would feel empowered to exchange and express ideas and views.

On the other hand, since this is the first time that such requests for EGM are made, prudence demands us to proceed with care and with due regard to the interests of all Members, LSCOBA and the School. Accordingly, the Committee obtained an independent legal advice (the “Advice”) from Messrs. Clifford Chance on various legal issues related to the Requisitions and the proposed EGM, including the legality, enforceability and validity of the Requisitions and the proposed motions.

Upon thorough consideration of the Advice and opinions of different perspectives we received from our Members, we consider that we shall first present and explain our preliminary view on the Advice to our Members, answer questions from our Members and seek our Members’ views on how LSCOBA should proceed with the Requisitions, before making any decisions on the same.

As such, we shall host an open forum on 28 December 2019, Saturday, at 10:00 a.m. in GP Room 128 of the School, to present the Advice to our Members and to discuss with our Members on how to proceed with the Requisitions.

All current Members are welcomed to join this open forum. Please RSVP at [email protected] before noon on Friday, 27 December 2019.

We consider that the open forum would be a great opportunity for our Members to discuss the above in a liberal manner and encourage concerned Members to attend.

Thank you.

Herman Bo (1989)
President, LSCOBA 2019-2020