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Class Coordinators

The list of Class Coordinators ordered by the year of Form 5 HKCEE graduation or Form 6 HKDSE is shown below.

Due to privacy and security reasons, it is not appropriate to list their personal email addresses on the website. Whoever wants to contact the coordinator of his year, please send an email request to [email protected] for onward referral.

If you are interested to become a class coordinator of your year, please contact the Convenor of the Class Coordinator Subcommittee.

Year (Form 5 CE / Form 6 DSE)Name
1955Mr. George Ko
1958Mr. Nelson Lee
1960Mr. Stephen Lau
1961Mr. James Ho
1962Mr. Yik Kwan
Mr. Chow Loi
1963Mr. James Wong
1965Mr. Joseph Lee
1966Mr. George Law 
1967Mr. Gilbert Liu
Mr. Terence Yau
1968Mr. Paul Wong
1969Mr. Michael Chan
1970Mr. Louis Law
1971Dr. Robert Yuen
1972Mr. Peter Choy
1973Mr. Larry Leung
1974Mr. William Yan
1976Dr. Bernard Kong
Mr. Daniel Lynn
1977Mr. Charles Chan
Mr. Colin Sze
1978Mr. Albert Ng
Mr. Robert Wong
1979Mr. Stanley Shum
1980Mr. Stephen Li
Mr. Louis Ma
1981Mr. Matthew Lau
1982Mr. Joseph Koc
1984Mr. Willie Wong
1985Mr. Dwight Chan
Mr. Anthony Lam
1986Mr. Andrew Hung
Mr. Calvin Wong
1987Mr. Paul Liu
Mr. Michael Wong
1988Mr. David Yen
1989Mr. Herman Bo 
1990Mr. Vernon Poon
1991Mr. Alan Ng
1992Mr. Henry Kook
1993Mr. Philip Yeung
1994Mr. Chris Fong
Mr. David Ho
Mr. Ben Ku
Mr. Victor Lam
1995Mr. Nicky Lee
Mr. Andrew Leung
1996Mr. Kevin Orr
Mr. Clement Tang
1997Dr. Patrick Chung
Mr. Anderson Lee
Mr. Terence Mak
1998Mr. Alex Yan
1999Mr. Philip Chan
Mr. Lau Kam Tak Kent
Mr. Derek Wong
2000Mr. Eric Chow
Dr. Philip Sham
2001Dr. Calvin Mak
Mr. Clarence Yau
2002Mr. Ryan Li
2003Mr. Edfeel Heung
2004Mr. Desmond Cheung
Mr. Ronald Choi
Mr. Darren Yan
2005Dr. Winson Lee
Mr. Kenneth Chan
2006Mr. Felix Leung
2007Mr. Johnson Chan
2008Mr. Claudio Chan
2009Mr. Brian Wong
2010Mr. Kelvin Kan
2012Mr. Ortis Fan
Mr. Fong Kai Kwong
Mr. Ian Tam
2013Mr. Jason Ko
2014Mr. Fong Kai Chuen
2015Mr. Oscar Yip
2016Mr. Adrian Lui
2017Mr. Kenny Fong
Mr. Jason Fong
2018Mr. Jerome Kwok
2019Mr. Shum Yu Tin Chris
2020Mr. Fong Kai Siu
Mr. Or Chun Yin
Mr. Yiu Ngo Him Jasper
2021Mr. Yu Ho Chun
2022Mr. Yiu Deep Fung Matthew
2023Mr. Choi Ming Hon Marcus
Mr. Ng Pan Yu

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