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Past Presidents

1939-1941Mr. Louis Allaye CHAN
1941Mr. Peter Hans Amandus ULRICH
18th Dec 1941 – 1947(As Mr Ulrich died in office while defending Hong Kong against the Japanese attacks, the OBA office was left vacant from 18th December 1941 to 13th February 1947. The Association is believed to have been inactive during the period.)
1947-1949Mr. Ferdinand Maria CASTRO
1949-1952Mr. KAM Kwong Yee
1952-1954Mr. VAN Kwok Shing
1954-1957Mr. Hilton CHEONG-LEEN, CBE, JP
1957-1960The Hon. Arnaldo de Oliveira SALES, GBM, CBE, JP
1960-1962Dr. CHAN Pui Kai
1962-1964Dr. PUN Chung Chik
1964-1965Mr. Policarpo E. ANTONIO
1965-1968Mr. Maximo Anthony CHENG
1968-1971Mr. Michael CHAN Sui Hin, JP
1971-1974Dr. Peter TANG Hin Yu
1974-1976Mr. Peter TSANG Ting Po
1976-1979Dr. Lawrence CHAN Siu Hung
1979-1980Mr. Michael SZE Cho Cheung, GBS, CBE, ISO, JP
1980-1981Mr. Paul KING Wen Pau
1981-1982Mr. Frank CHEUNG Chi Yuen
1982-1984Mr. Nicholas NG Wing Fui, GBS, CBE, JP
1984-1986Mr. Dennis CHOW Koon Hung
1986-1988Mr. Alex WONG Po Hang
1988-1989Mr. Sam CHEN Tong Sang
1989-1991Dr. Bell TSE Sing Sang
1991-1993Mr. Lester Garson HUANG, SBS, JP
1993-1994Mr. Colin NGAN Siu Lun
1994-1997Dr. Joseph LEE Chung Tak, GBS, OStJ, JP
1997-1999Dr. David MONG Tak Yeung, The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon
1999-2001Mr. William TONG Wai Lun, BBS, MH, JP
2001-2003Mr. William YAN
2003-2004Dr. Robert YUEN Kar Ngai
2004-2007Dr. Bernard KONG Ming Hei
2007-2010Mr. Charles CHAN Kit Ying
2010-2012Mr. Mark Robin Garvey HUANG
2012-2014Mr. Willie WONG Chak Yin
2014-2016Mr. Leonard CHU Wing Fei
2016-2018Mr. Roger LEE Shiu Fung
2018-2020Mr. Herman BO Ho Man
2020-2022Mr. LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel
* Prior to 29 July 1978, the Association was known as the La Salle Old Boys’ Association (LSOBA)