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LSCOBA Membership

Membership Application

To apply for LSCOBA membership:

  1. Applicant must be an alumnus of La Salle College.
  2. Online application at the Digital Membership System:
  3. Alternatively, download and fill in the application form:
  • Enclose one recent photo.
  • Enclose appropriate application fee:
    1. HK$200 for an applicant who applies within 1 calendar year of graduating or leaving LSC
    2. HK$500 for all other applicants
    3. Cheques should be payable to “La Salle College Old Boys’ Association Ltd.” Cash should be handed in at the school office.
  • Send the completed application form, together with the photos and payment, to La Salle College Old Boys’ Association Ltd., c/o La Salle College 18 La Salle Road, Kowloon.

    Please contact the membership director if you have any questions.

Membership Information change

Moved to a New Address? Update your profile?
To update your information, fill in the Membership Update Form and contact [email protected].

Lost Your Membership Card?
In case you have lost your membership card, please fill in the Replacement Card Application Form and contact [email protected].