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School Badge

Star of Faith
This five-pointed, radiant star is a worldwide representation of the La Salle Brothers.  It is the SIGNUM FIDEI, the Sign of Faith, the spirit of the Lasallian Institute.  This spirit of faith provides us with a spiritual vision for our daily lives.  It is the star of Bethlehem that led the Wise Men of the East to the baby Jesus; likewise Christian teachers’ hope to lead young people to Christ and Wisdom.
These form part of the coat of arms of the La Salle family of Rheims, France.  There are three bent bars of inverted V shapes, representing three broken bones that resulted from a battle wound sustained by an ancestor of the La Salle family, presumably in a Crusade.  Chevrons are symbols of firmness and constancy indicating that we should have zeal in carrying out our tasks and the courage never to give up.
The Lamp
In the Old Testament, a lamp was filled with the purest olive oil and was used to burn perpetually in front of the Tabernacle.  It is a sign of honour and adoration, reminding the faithful of the presence of God.   A flame shining through the darkness symbolizes Christ and our witnessing for Christ.   “Your light must shine in people’s sight” (Matthew 5:16) and “I am the light of the world; anyone who follows me will have the light of life”. (John 8:12)
The Open Book
The Open Book symbolizes the love and the active seeking of knowledge.  Knowledge itself is passive and limited.   An active pursuit of knowledge is broad, seeking connections and perspectives to different subjects within the context of time, place, culture and history, leading to a full appreciation of life and what it offers.
School Mottos
The school’s Latin motto, Fides et Opera, literally translates to Faith and Works.   This moves us to think of the need to prove our religious beliefs by our good works and reminds us of the saying of St. James: “Faith without good works is dead.” (James 2:26)
The Chinese phrase 克己復礼 found in the book is from the Analects《論語》by Confucius (孔子), meaning “To subdue one’s own selfish desires and return to propriety: conduct that is appropriate or fitting”.
The Olive Branch
The branch on the Dexter, or right side by the bearer, is an olive branch. The olive branch is commonly referred to as a Christian symbol of peace, restoration and healing. 
The Holly Branch
The branch on the Sinister of the crest, or left side by the bearer, is Holly, which maintains its vibrant green leaves and bright red berries during winter, a time of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.  
The Holly plant also has sharp thorns, and is also regarded as emblem of Christ’s crown of thorns, a symbol of Christ’s suffering before his death and resurrection.
The Shield
The shape of the school crest is that of a shield.  A shield is a symbol of defending our Christian beliefs and the principles the school believes in.
The Sinister side of the shield as held by the bearer (left side) is red, symbolizing courage and sacrifice. [Pantone colour 186C]
The Dexter (right) side of the shield is purple, symbolizing royalty and nobility, and is also a colour distinctive of divinity. [Pantone colour 2607C]

Please note that the school name, school crest and related logos and signs etc. are intellectual properties of the Sponsoring Body of La Salle College. Any person wishing to use any of those must seek permission from the school authority. Any request with a detailed description on why and how the mark is used, could be directed to [email protected].