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Message from Kent, LSCOBA President for term 2021-2022 on LSCOBA Express (Nov Edition)

On 25 September, the adjourned AGM elected the new cabinet of LSCOBA. This turns a new page for LSCOBA. In the past year, LSCOBA held a lot of activities; many of them new forms of activities. I would like to thank my cabinet members, subcommittee members, organisers and helpers, for without your hard efforts, this would not have happened.

I would also like to thank all members who took part in LSCOBA’s activities. The participation of each of you added to the vibrancy of the Lasallian community. I would also like to express my gratitude to Brother Thomas, Principal Mr. Tong and the School for the support all along in the past year.  This means a lot to us. But it is not only about organising activities. We are also finding our way to a model of empowerment.

In the past year, I had the opportunity to reach out to many Old Boys of different generations and backgrounds. At Yum Cha gatherings, senior Old Boys shared memories of the days at the old campus and celebrated their long lasting brotherhood. At the e-sport tournaments, young Lasallians proudly showed off their mastery of the art. During the online gatherings, our brothers overseas talked about their experience in helping fresh graduates settle in their new environment. 

This speaks clearly of the diversity of the Lasallian community. 

Under the model of empowerment, LSCOBA would encourage and facilitate Old Boys who get together to form interest groups and initiate activities. Examples include Zoom Talk For Aspiring Engineers and Let’s Talk Crypto, and we would love to see more of this. I believe this is the best way for the Lasallian community to enjoy the power brought by our diversity.

If you have any fresh ideas in mind, please talk to us and we would love to learn about it!This new page also marks the beginning of a very special year for LSCOBA, for this year we are celebrating our Alma Mater’s 90th Anniversary. 

It has been some 40 years since we moved into this school building. No doubt this is still a fine piece of architecture. However, the time has come for upgrades to our hardware and software, in order to afford our young boys with the best support for their development, in a world that is more competitive than ever. 

We all watched with excitement how Ryan Choi (2015) and Lam Siu-Hang (2015) made their ways to the Olympic Games, and how current students won accolades in different international competitions, showing the Lasallian Spirit to the world. 

It tells us loudly that with proper support, our young generations could flourish high and mighty, reaching new heights beyond imagination. 

Many Old Boys I came across wanted to lend a hand to our younger brethren. It is the wish and will of LSCOBA to further support the sports and cultural development of our students, as well as other initiatives to support the School’s vision to aim for all round excellence as a leading school of whole-person education.

To this end, all contributions from each of us Lasallians would be appreciated. In the coming term LSCOBA will work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders of the Lasallian community for different fundraising initiatives.Gentlemen, let us all come together to unleash the full power of the Old Boys community, and show the world the pride and the might of we Lasallians!Yours in La Salle,

Kent Lau
President, LSCOBA, 2021-22