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Message from Kent, LSCOBA President for term 2021-2022 on LSCOBA Express (Feb Edition)

Dear Members,

I am now writing this message, at a moment when our home city is faced with the starkest of challenges so far presented by COVID-19. I wish every one of you good health and resilience amid the pandemic.

At tough times like this, it is ever more important for us to support each other, and take care of people around us.


Against this pandemic backdrop, LSCOBA is continuing its endeavour on a new mode of operation, one that combines online exchanges and offline, face-to-face activities.

For instance, in December 2021 we joined hands with SJCOBA on a football fun day at King’s Park, Kowloon. More than 100 Old Boys attended, some with their classmates, some with their families. Speaking of online events, we have built on our success last year, and organised the Lunar New Year global online gathering again. These are but a couple of examples of the works of my team at the LSCOBA Committee and Subcommittees.

In view of the increasing number of infected cases and tightened social restrictions in January 2022, we had to put some of our planned activities on hold, for example, the new season of LSCOBA football league. The School had also suspended the use of on-campus sports facilities by Old Boys on Sundays, and we had closed our online booking system. 


This pandemic has had profound impacts on the Lasallian community in more ways.

As we all know, it is the 90th anniversary of our Alma Mater. As in previous years of jubilee, the College planned and organised various activities, with the assistance of LSCOBA and other supporting entities.

These activities remind us of our ties with our Alma Mater, and give us Old Boys a chance to get together in celebration. They also provide a setting for fundraising drives.

However, for reasons we all know, many of the activities proposed for this year had to be rescheduled, or reduced in scale.


The School needs our support in terms of raising fund. As many of our facilities are above the government standards, it is for the Lasallian community to provide for the financial resources in support of these.

The College’s target for the 90th anniversary fundraising is HK$40 million. Of this, around 30% is to be applied to cover the cost of additional teachers for the coming 10 years, and around 25%, to re-turf our track and field and maintain school facilities. Other projects include developing “Smart” Classrooms for junior form students, establishing an eLibrary and enhancing eLearning, refurbishing the School Hall, and revamping the Heritage Centre. More details are available at the website of the La Salle Foundation.

As we all know, the doors of the College are open to boys of all backgrounds. The College does not charge hefty school fees, and it never turns away a pupil because he cannot afford financially. Yet, every one of us, as past students of the College, had the privilege of studying and thriving in an environment that is no doubt the best in town.

The anniversary is an opportune time for us to reflect on our blessings, and give back to our Alma Mater should circumstances permit. LSCOBA is working closely with the La Salle Foundation to achieve this fundraising goal with our “Never Say Die” spirit.

In the beginning I mentioned supporting each other. Now as the College raises funds during its anniversary, if we can gather sufficient support from the Old Boys, the College would be able to continue providing the same quality education to many more young boys. I would like to invite you to offer your support to our younger brothers as well as the future generation in Lasallian community.


Last but not least, take care, stay well, and I look forward to meeting each of you in person when the pandemic subsides. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading this edition of LSCOBA Express.

Yours in La Salle,

Kent Lau
President, LSCOBA, 2021-22