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Update on the status of the members’ request to convene an EGM

Date : 07 Aug 2019

Dear LSCOBA members,

We refer to our announcement made on 29 July 2019 and would like to update you on the status of the members’ request (the “Requisition”) to convene an extraordinary general meeting (the “EGM”).

The Requisition

We have reviewed the PDF copy of the Requisition submitted by email by a non LSCOBA member, Mr. Fung Kai Man Kenny (“Mr. Fung”), and would like to draw the members’ attention to the following:-

  • the Requisition contained the names, membership numbers and signatures of 57 individuals;
  • we have contacted Mr. Fung in order to confirm some details in relation to his submission of the Requisition, but as of today, we have not received any reply from Mr. Fung;
  • albeit we requested the members to provide their: (i) full names; (ii) class years; (iii) membership numbers; (iv) contact numbers; and (v) signatures, the Requisition we received failed to provide all requested particulars (e.g. none of the 57 individuals provided their contact numbers, 6 individuals did not provide valid membership numbers and only 2 individuals provided their class years);
  • despite that the Requisition is incomplete, we had compared the names and membership numbers provided against the LSCOBA database and were able to confirm that 53 individuals out of the 57 individuals are members of the LSCOBA;
  • as at 5 August 2019, amongst the 53 members identified, we had been able to contact 38 of them by phone to verify their signing of the Requisition, but had not been able to contact 15 of them based on information from our membership database; and
  • as part of our verification process and for proper record keeping, we have also requested the members to provide their original signing pages.

We shall continue to work with the respective members and confirm the validity of the Requisition as soon as possible.

To facilitate the verification process and to confirm their intention in requesting an EGM, the Committee would like the following members whose names appeared in the Requisition to email us their updated contact information to [email protected], if they have not received a verification call, we shall then call these members to verify:-

Mr. AU Chin Ching
Mr. AU Kin Heng, Constantine
Mr. CHAN Ryan Ka Ho
Mr. HUI Siu Kit Stanley
Mr. LAM Ching Long
Mr. LAU Kai Tung Justin
Mr. LEE Ching Lam, Matthew
Mr. LEUNG Chun Sang
Mr. LO Chun Yin, Anson
Mr. NG Chi Hin, Wilfred
Mr. TONG Yik Ho
Mr. TSE Yat Chi
Mr. WOO Wing Kuen Jackson
Mr. YIU Yik Tung, Brendan
Mr. ZEN Chung Ming

LSCOBA’s preparations regarding the proposed EGM

Although the Committee is still in the process of verifying the Requisition, the Committee convened a meeting last Saturday, 3 August 2019, to discuss and consider matters related to the Requisition, the possible dates, venues and the preliminary logistics of convening the proposed EGM. However, we hope the members would understand that it would not be proper and of the best interests of the LSCOBA to kick start any official procedures in convening the EGM, including issuing various notices, printing, issuing announcements and notifying the members at this stage.

Upon receiving the complete Requisition and confirming with all the members who signed the Requisition, the Committee shall carry out the procedures to convene the EGM pursuant to the Articles and relevant law without delay.

Kindly be reminded again that any official communications of the LSCOBA will be mailed to your registered addresses, thus you are encouraged to review and keep your contact information updated at

The Committee will continue to keep you posted on this matter. Thank you.

Herman Bo (1989)
President, LSCOBA 2019-2020