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Unveiling of LED Timer at LSC

Date : 15 Jul 2016

Below is the recap of the LED Timer Opening Ceremony:

Date : 9th July, 2016
Venue : La Salle College Football field
Guest of Honor : Br. Steve

The concept of time is a strange and abstract phenomenon. Scientists would use rocket science equations to explain to you what the space time continuum is.
Religion, for example Catholic like us, would tell you time is a creation of God and that God transcends time and His footsteps are seen everywhere in the history of mankind.

No matter how you define time. There is one most crucial influence of time to everyone of us …. and that influence is:

“Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters. “
When time passed, you’ll know what really matters in our lives.

While class of 1985 was celebrating our 30th anniversary last year, remembering all the good old times we have in our wonderful school years here in La Salle, countless 85ers came forward and said “We want to do something back to La Salle. To give back something to our alma mater.” And the result of that is we are here today to give back “a little something” to La Salle.

As you would see, this is but only a very humble piece of equipment. It’s not something fancy. It’s not something that is qualified to be a centrepiece for us to brag or to show off either. But this is the beginning of our quest, the quest to tell everyone that La Salle is something that really matters in everyone of our lives. It’s something we cherished so much that we want to remember every minute and every second we spent here in this great institution.

Today We are gathered here NOT because class of 1985 have generously raised more than $260,000 of donations to La Salle. We are NOT here because we have used part of that fund to buy some new musical instruments for our students either.

Today we are gathered here to thank La Salle. Today we are gathered here to tell every La Sallian Brothers and every teacher that we cherished every minute and second you spent into educating us. Today we are here to say “thank you”.

Thank you to all the LaSallian Brothers who have dedicated their lives to educate us. To name a few, Br. Raphael, Br. Alphonsus, Br. Henry, Br. Mark, Br. Vincent, Br. Patrick and in particular Br. Steve.

Thank you for dedicating your lives to all of us. Thank you for taking care everyone of us like your sons.

Over the past few years, it’s been our privilege and honor to have Brother Steve serving as principal of LaSalle College. Many of us have seen with our own eyes the immense wisdom Bro Steve have while he is leading La Salle College Hong Kong. He has enlightened many of us and re-ignited our La Sallian spirit with his compassion and selfless sacrifice. We are seeing him everywhere in every function, large or small, in La Salle. He is together with current students in all of their events, and he is also here with us old boys in so many of our functions.

As many of you might already know, Br. Steve will be leaving HK very shortly to do missionary work in other countries. Class of 1985 are here today to say farewell to him. We wish him every success in his next assignment. And Br. Steve, let us tell you something, we are going to greatly miss you when we don’t see you everywhere in our functions later on.

You have many of our email addresses, so please do keep us posted of your whereabouts. Don’t let us miss you too much. And if there is anything you need from Hong Kong, you know where to write.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s give a big hand to our beloved Bro Steve.

Class of 1985