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Social Sciences (Psychology)

Major: Social Sciences (Psychology) – HKU
Class of 2016

Q1. What drives your academic aspirations?

I did not know what I would like to study in Uni until Form 6. Participating in the job shadowing programme definitely helped me to better understand myself and I started to learn about what I like and what I do not like. Reflecting on myself, I did not read books during my leisure time at all but I realized that the only few books that I read were about psychology. I was quite interested in how my own brain works and I was curious about where my thoughts and emotions come from. I think all these curiosity led me to choosing psychology as the subject that I wanted to study at that time.

Q2. How do you identify your field(s) of academic interests?

Psychology is just one of the majors of the HKU Social Sciences programme. In year 1, freshmen get the opportunity to study a wide range of social sciences introductory courses. Even though I was quite sure that I wanted to major in psychology, I actually just took two psychology courses in year 1. I took other introductory courses about sociology, politics, counseling and social work. I think it is a great way for a freshman to get a taste of everything before diving into one or two particular areas of interest.

During each introductory course, try and see if you enjoy a particular course’s lectures and assignments. I would say year 1 & 2 are the time that allow students to explore their area of interest and you will be spending some time studying common core courses. It is absolutely normal to declare your major at the start of year 3. However, if you intend to double major, it would be better to plan a bit earlier.

Q3. What are the main differences between studying at LSC and HKU?

Freedom, in terms of time management, is the most significant difference. Your weekly schedule in Uni is less busy than the schedule you have in LSC (at least from my personal experience).  It is possible to skip lectures and do whatever you like, for example, doing team sports, organizing events as a committee member, living in a hall and having a part-time job etc. In Uni, students need to make more choices by themselves and it is all about choices and consequences. I encourage everyone to be more curious and try more things, especially in year 1. Then you can decide what you would like to keep doing and what you would like to abandon.

Q4. How did your university shape your career development?

To be honest, I am currently working in a field that is totally not related to psychology. Of course, I know a few friends who are working hard on the goal to become a clinical psychologist, and having a psychology degree is a prerequisite for the admission of most postgraduate psychology programmes. With that being said, even if you are not aiming to become a psychologist, I would still encourage you to study psychology if you feel like this is your interest at the moment. Ultimately, I believe psychology is embedded in any career, our daily life and our personal growth. Hope you all enjoy your university life and wish you all the best for the future.