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BSocSc (Politics & Public Administration) & Exercise Science / Kinesiology

University: HKU (2016-2021)

Degree: BSocSc

Major: Politics & Public Administration

Minor: Exercise Science / Kinesiology (under the new curriculum)

Q1: What drives your academic aspirations?

Academic aspirations could be tied with the pursuit of knowledge from a macro perspective.

As Lasallians, we have been exposed in an environment that we challenge ourselves continuously, like starting your own business or curating a communal campaign. They all require a certain level of industrial knowledge, critical analysis, presentation skills etc… and these all could be nurtured through academic trainings.

Have you heard of Dunning – Kruger Curve? This theory captures how one tends to overestimate themselves and think they know everything when they actually know nothing.  This serves as a good reminder for myself and my si dais.

Q2 How did you identify your field(s) of academic interest?

From my LSC days, I’ve established the desire to major in politics. That being said, HKU Faculty of Social Sciences offers a wide range of introductory courses for all disciplines in Social Sciences for us to explore, for example, I took a couple of sociology courses on Hong Kong culture. The good thing is that you won’t be asked to declare a minor/major before enrolling in these courses.

My degree also allows me a high level of autonomy to enrol in free elective courses outside Social Sciences, and interestingly, I decided to minor in exercise science. I’ve long been a sports enthusiast and through sitting in exercise science courses, I realise the courses could answer my questions from academic point of view.

Q3 What are the main differences between studying at LSC and HKU? How did you university shape your career development?

Some may tell you how university studying is ungoverned and requires a lot of self-discipline. From my point of view, it’s not difficult to survive in university or just to get a fair grade in your coursework.

What I’d like to challenge you is whether getting a B or C is what you want. Throughout LSC education, we are asked to follow a similar trajectory to triumph in HKDSE; and now as we transit to university where we are given loads of autonomy, what’s your choice? 

Throughout my years at HKU, I realise that there were ample opportunities to shape yourself to be a better person. I was a huge fan of the HKU Cedars-GE department and was representing at various programmes. For example, I hosted talk shows with local celebrities that allowed me to polish my communication and presentation skills. Also, I attended internship in a local charity which I inherited a lot of project management skillset. Not to mention my experiences in living at halls…

I can go on till forever, but the morale of the story is that we should seize every opportunity we have in university. I genuinely believe that all road leads to Rome. There are many roads to success, and every experience matters, they all shape you into a unique person.