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Class of 2016

Q2. How do you identify your field(s) of academic interests?
  Freshmen are required to enroll and complete a series of fundamental business courses before they can further declare their major field(s) of academic interests. For students who have yet to declare their major selection via Jupas application, I strongly recommend an open attitude to venture forward and consult your assigned counsellors before setting your academic preferences.   All introductory courses ought to deliver distinct perspectives upon relevant business subject matters so students can have a wholistic collegiate overview prior to their major(s) selection. Alternatively, students who wish to further sharpen their business acumen can declare their minor field(s) of academic interests throughout their HKUST journeys.   
Q3. What are the main differences between studying at LSC and HKUST?
  HKUST is undeniably famous for having immense academic assignments and exam arrangements so I would say the main differentiating factor hinges on the significance of schedule planning. Weekly topic reviews and chapter prework are extremely crucial for those who strive to pass with flying colors. We have designated digital platforms for students to exchange their reviews of course materials, study tips as well as professors’ feedbacks to stipulate continuous improvements.   Furthermore, the intensity of internationalization upon coursework allows students to collaborate with diverse ethnicities. I have nurtured life-long relationships with peers across the globe and this heavily impacted my interpersonal developments.  
Q4. How did your university shape your career development?
  For starters, HKUST offers a great way to establish professional networking with industrial practitioners through mentoring sessions and case competitions. Students are constantly challenged to build up competitive profiles upon job shadowing sessions and career workshops.   HKUST provides a strong communal linkage amongst student counterparts. Students and seniors are eager to share interview insights and exchange career development tips upon inquiries. As HKUST alumni, the school offers extensive, relevant job postings for potential opportunities for our fellow students.  

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