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Poll Result of the 2022 AGM

Dear Members,

At the Annual General Meeting 2022 (the “AGM”) of the La Salle College Old Boys’ Association Limited (the “Association”), a poll was demanded by the President of the Association for voting on proposed resolutions as set out in the Notice of AGM.  I am pleased to announce the poll results as follows:-

Ordinary Resolution 1: To receive the audited financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2022 together with the President’s Report:-

For: 74

Against: 0

Ordinary Resolution 2: To re-appoint CW CPA, Certified Public Accountants, as the auditors of the Association:-

For: 75

Against: 0

Ordinary Resolution 3: To elect the following office-bearers and members of the committee of the Association for 2022-2023:-

LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel (99)President714
CHAN Kwan Yeung Arnold (06)Vice President750
CHAN Yik Kan (02)Hon. Secretary713
LAM Sheung Heng John (04)Hon. Treasurer750
CHEUNG Ming Wai Walter (88)Committee Member715
FONG Kai Kuen Jason (17)Committee Member730
FONG Shiu Man David (88)Committee Member730
HAU Wing Chung Vincent (07)Committee Member701
LEE Cheuk Wing Christopher (98)Committee Member740
LEE Chun Hin Hilary (13)Committee Member700
LEUNG Kai Hong Kanne (98)Committee Member711
LIU Chung Hang Jims (07)Committee Member691
LIU Yuk Wing Paul (87)Committee Member714
MAK Hoi Kwan Calvin (01)Committee Member750
TSANG Fan Chun (02)Committee Member750
WONG Daniel (99)Committee Member690

The Committee of the Association for 2022-2023, elected in the AGM, shall be:-


LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel (99)

Vice President

CHAN Kwan Yeung Arnold (06)

Hon. Secretary

CHAN Yik Kan (02)

Hon. Treasurer

LAM Sheung Heng John (04)

Immediate Past President

Mr. BO Ho Man Herman (89)

Committee Members

CHEUNG Ming Wai Walter (88)

FONG Kai Kuen Jason (17)

FONG Shiu Man David (88)

HAU Wing Chung Vincent (07)

LEE Cheuk Wing Christopher (98)

LEE Chun Hin Hilary (13)

LEUNG Kai Hong Kanne (98)

LIU Chung Hang Jims (07)

LIU Yuk Wing Paul (87)

MAK Hoi Kwan Calvin (01)

TSANG Fan Chun (02)

WONG Daniel (99)

The Association and I would like to express our gratitude to the School and all volunteer helpers for their support and kind assistance.  Thank you very much to every Member who voted, your participation in the Association is what makes us something more.

Thank you.

Yours in de La Salle,

Dr. Robert Yuen (71)

Returning Officer of the 2022 LSCOBA Election