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LSCOBA Express – February Edition, 2022

Dear Fellow Old Boys,

I am now writing this message, at a moment when our home city is faced with the starkest of challenges so far presented by COVID-19. I wish every one of you good health and resilience amid the pandemic. 

At tough times like this, it is ever more important for us to support each other, and take care of people around us.

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Yours in La Salle,

Kent Lau
President, LSCOBA, 2021-22


Enhanced Channels in Members’ Communication

We continue to strive for ways to enhance our communication with Members and the public via digital transformation.

In January 2022, we launched our revamped LSCOBA website with modernized layout and interactive features. Now when you click into, you would be impressed by a revitalized site with fresh layout and style. We had also found new ways to curate and categorize information in a user-friendly manner.

We are committed to provide a convenient and enjoyable browsing experience for our Members. We would like to thank the IT Subcommittee and all Members involved in the team leading the website redesign, for all the efforts they have put in this critical exercise in the digital transformation journey of LSCOBA.

Moreover, we have set up the LSCOBA WhatsApp News Channel, which would provide participating Members with instant and direct update on LSCOBA news. You could still join by clicking one of the links below – they are identical and the same information would be disseminated via all these.  Just join one of them if you haven’t.

LSCOBA News Channel .3
LSCOBA News Channel .4
LSCOBA News Channel .5

We will bring the latest update and announcement from LSCOBA to Members and the public continuously via the website and the WhatsApp News Channel.


Sportsman Spotlight on Lasallian Sports Channel

We have established the Lasallian Sports Channel on YouTube in early last year, to share everything about La Salle sports. We have recently produced a series of exclusive interviews with Lasallian athletes, only available on Lasallian Sports Channel!

Our first two interviewees are –
Wong Wing Ki Vincent (2007), Badminton
Alan Cheung (1991), La Salle College Athletics Club

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LSCOBA Mentorship Program 2022

Building on the success of LSCOBA Mentorship Program 2021, LSCOBA Young Members Subcommittee would launch the Program again this year.

To provide our young Old Boys with more guidance and support towards their personal and career development, we would like to call for mentors from different professions to join the program. We are also inviting LSCOBA members from a graduating class of 2014 or after to become our mentees.

Participants shall commit to meet up with each other at least 3 times within 6 months, either online or offline.

Interested Old Boys shall complete the online application form on or before 9 March 2022. Please also reserve the evening of 23 March 2022 for a mentor/mentee online training session.

Apply Online (for mentor or mentee)


Old Boys Photography Group

We have started a photography interest group for all Old Boys, led by Mr Ace Wong (contact: [email protected]). Any members who are interested in, or keen to learn more about photography, could join this group.


E-shop: Souvenirs Update

Our e-shop, the Lasallian Shop By LSCOBA, is the place for you to choose and get a few La Salle-branded products there for yourself and friends, in an easy and convenient manner. Your every purchase helps to develop La Salle further.

Some hot items on sale:


La Salle College Christmas Eve Mass

La Salle College Christmas Eve Mass was successfully held in the evening of 24 December 2021.  Hundreds of Old Boys, parents and members of La Salle Family attended. 

Prior to the mass, the LSCOBA had planned with the School on event registration and preparation, and our Music Board had arranged a Brass Quartet music performance on that day to wish attendees a wonderful Christmas. LSCOBA members also helped in manning the registration counter on-site, in conjunction with La Salle College Parent Teacher Association. 


LSC Old Boys’ Global Virtual Bai Nin

On 3 February 2022, the third day of the New Year of Tiger, we had a Lunar New Year celebration online with our Members in Hong Kong and from overseas chapters. We had the honour of the presence of Brother Thomas.

Participants in town and overseas shared their new year wishes and updates. We hope this digital way of connecting would continue to strengthen the bonding within the Lasallian global community. 


Engineering Professional Network Gathering

On 4 December 2021, the LSCOBA Engineering Professional Network had invited four Old Boys practitioners in Engineering and Surveying fields, namely K.F. Chan (1980), Tommy Chan (1998), Wilson Wong (2000) and Eddie H.C. Chui (2012) to talk on NEC4 and CIC Certified BIM. We are also delighted to have Mr. Pau Shiu-hung, the Chairman of La Salle Foundation, joining us, and sharing on the unique contributions that engineers could make to La Salle. 

This was the first face-to-face gathering since the establishment of the Network!


News from Class Reunion and Class Coordinators

In the past few months, we are delighted to learn and participate in the Class Reunion celebrations of the Class of 1971 (Golden Jubilee on 25 November 2021), 1991 (30th anniversary on 26 November 2021) and 2001 (20th anniversary on 12 December 2021) respectively. Warmest congratulations to all of them!

Our Class Coordinator Subcommittee organized a casual dinner for Class Coordinators (CCs) on 30 November 2021, to enhance communication between CCs and LSCOBA. We are delighted to have more than 20 CCs who had attended, and also Mr. Tong Wun-sing, the Principal, and Mr. Pau Shiu-hung, the Chairman of La Salle Foundation, joining us and enjoying the brotherhood.


De La Salle Brothers Football Fun Day

On 26 December 2021, our Old Boys had some sporty fun at the De La Salle Brothers Football Fun Day, jointly organized by LSCOBA and St. Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Association, Hong Kong (SJCOBA).

We would like to thank more than 100 Old Boys who participated in various matches and joined our on that day, including the LSCOBA Invitation Team. Thanks to SJCOBA for co-organizing the event. 


Town Hall Meeting

On 5 February 2022, LSCOBA held its quarterly town hall meeting.

Online town hall meetings provide a channel for real-time interactions among members and the Committee, enhancing transparency and encouraging discussions.