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LSCOBA Express – December 2023

Dear Fellow Old Boys,

Welcome to this edition of LSCOBA Express. As always, the editors have meticulously put our recent events in this electronic newsletter. I hope you will enjoy reading it. By way of introduction, I am Calvin Mak from the class of 2001, current president of the Old Boys’ Association. Prior to taking up this position in July, I have been a committee member of the OBA since 2021, organising and taking part in various old boys’ activities. 

It is my great honour to serve the Lasallian community in this capacity. In this first Message from the President of mine, let me take the opportunity to share with you my take on our roles at LSCOBA. 

In short, it is about value creation, from three perspectives: LSCOBA for the Old Boys, LSCOBA for the College, and LSCOBA for the Community ……

See the full message from Calvin here

Yours in La Salle,

Calvin Mak
President, LSCOBA, 2023-24


New Publication – The Lasallian Digest
We will soon be rolling out an alumni publication in the form of a digest titled “The Lasallian Digest”, which will encompass a vibrant tapestry of stories, experiences and memories.

The first edition will feature, among other topics, an interview with an old boy who has lived in Mexico for more than half of the century, on his life in Latin America and his vivid memory of the Perth Street campus, as well as an interesting story where two old boys joined hands in an award-winning architectural project.

Should you wish to receive a hardcopy by post, or would like to receive a softcopy by email only, please indicate your preference by completing the Google Form (link below) by 31 December 2023 (Sunday) ……

See the full message from the Editors here

Hard copy or email only? Let us know here

Digital journey: AI-empowered online event gallery

In a continuous effort in upgrading our members’ experience in browsing and using, we are delighted to announce the launch of another key feature – an AI-empowered online album with photos displayed and downloadable event by event.

With this new feature Event Gallery, you could select and identify photos featuring yourself after an OBA event, by either uploading your own picture or taking a selfie. This process will take less than a minute, by our AI-empowered searching function of the album. 

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LSCOBA’s digital membership system is now launched for all members! You can now access your digital paperless membership card, update personal information online, and search for other members (opt-in feature), all at your fingertip.
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Events & Activities

Brother Aimar Cup 2023 Grand Finale
Football is one of the souls of LSC which linking our old boys together even after graduation. In 2023, our traditional Brother Aimar Cup resumed after COVID-19.

Starting from June, 26 old boys’ teams were fighting to qualify from groups to knockout stage. Angry Brothers, Oxford United, LaSalle Young boys and New Wembley made it to the semi-finals stage. On 13 August, Angry Brothers and New Wembley gave us an exciting final game, and New Wembley won the trophy at the end.
We are looking forward to another great season.

Sports Family Fun Day

On 24 September, we organised the first-ever Sports Family Fun Day in LSC.

Our indoor game booths and outdoor game booths included Rugby, Football, Basketball, Dragon Boat, Athletics, Frisbee and Golf, attracting more than 200 participants.

A very special addition to the programme was a farewell football match for Mr. Joseph Hui, our vice-principal and football team coach for many years. Around 100 Old Boys, friends and teachers came back to celebrate Mr. Hui’s well deserved retirement.
We wrapped up the day with a notable alumni sharing session on “Sports – as a Lasallian, to be a Lasallian”, and had a very good feedback on that sharing.

La Salle College Old Boys’ 10th Anniversary Concert

The La Salle College Old Boys’ 10th Anniversary Concert was successfully held on 17 September at the Concert Hall of the Hong Kong City Hall. A full house was almost reached, BRAVO! 

This year, we are privileged to have invited the Heep Yunn Old Girls’ Association Orchestra to join us as the guest performers. More than that, we were thrilled to witness the live sand drawing show presented by the sand artist – Ms. Edith Wu. They have brought us wonderful performances! 
The String Orchestra made its first appearance and was conducted by our Old Boy John Sit (08). Another Old Boy, Kwan Lok Tin (09), made his debut conducting for the Chinese Orchestra. One more Old Boy – Marco Leung (12), conducted the Wind Orchestra with full power. Our talented English Horn soloist – Pedro Lai (18), and the young Zhongyuan soloist – Lam Tsz Shing (23), amazed the audience with their skills. Our long-serving conductors – Mr. Kelvin Ngai and Mr. Ronald Lam, conducted the Symphony Orchestra and the Choir respectively. 
The 10th Anniversary marks the end of our first chapter, and more exciting chapters will come for sure. Forever weaving the Lasallian Polyphony!

Job Shadowing
In cooperation with the School Careers Team, LSCOBA Student Affairs Subcommittee organized 43 Job Shadowing programs for Form 5 boys during the summer, from 18 July to 25 August. It was aimed to help students in their career planning. 

A total of over 100 students paid visit to 27 companies or organisations of different industries – accounting, commercial, dental, digital, engineering, IT, legal, legislators’ office, medical, physiotherapy, policy research, public relations, retail, sports, social services, and more. The students met and exchanged with Old Boys in these companies as well as observed how Old Boys performed their daily job in real. It was a good and valuable learning opportunity for students. 

The programs were well received, and LSCOBA Student Affairs Subcommittee would like to thank Old Boys and their companies for their great effort contributed..

Hand Drip Coffee Workshop
The Young Members Subcommittee organized a Hand Drip Coffee Workshop at Out Of Office Cafe in Tokwawan, connecting young Lasallians through leisure activities.

Ten young Old Boys and their friends learned about coffee brewing techniques and improved their hand drip coffee skills.
Hosted by Ngan Tin Yu (2012), the workshop provided an immersive experience.

The Subcommittee values leisure activities as a means of fostering connections among young Lasallians, offering a platform to share experiences and build lasting friendships.

Stay updated on upcoming activities of the Young Members Subcommittee via the LSCOBA Social Media Platforms!

Heritage & Religion

Requiem Mass
Thanks to the efforts of the Religious Subcommittee, a Requiem Mass on 5 November was held for all our deceased Brothers, teachers, students and old boys. It was an annual religious activity for the month of the Holy Souls.

The celebrant of the Mass was Old Boy Fr. Marciano Baptista, S. J. (Class of 1958). He reminded us the congregation St. La Salle founded schools for the poor and needy and so we should never forget the disadvantaged in society.
The Mass had a record high number of participants including 6 Brothers, Principal Leung, LSC and LSPS teachers, current students, old boys and family members. The programme featured a candle lighting ceremony to pay respect to all departed ones in the past 90 years with each candle representing one decade of Lasallians since 1932.

Finally, in the melody of our School Song, the Old Boys, departed and alive, got together.

Remembrance Day Service
At approximately 10:45 am on 12 November, over 20 Old Boys and representatives from the 17th Scouts assembled at the Cenotaph in Central Hong Kong to pay tribute to the brave Lasallians who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II. Among them were Principal Steve Leung and President Calvin Mak (01), representing La Salle College and LSCOBA, respectively. They placed a wreath beside the Cenotaph to honour those who lost their lives in the war.
Following the ceremony, the group made their way to the grave of Ronald Maxwell, an esteemed alumnus who selflessly defended Hong Kong. Nelson Ng (02) from the Heritage Subcommittee provided a brief introduction, shedding light on Ronald’s background and the battle leading up to the fall of Hong Kong.

LSPS Heritage Walk
La Salle Primary School, in collaboration with the LSPS PTA and the LSCOBA, organized the annual Heritage Walk on November 23, 2023. The event aimed to educate primary 4 students about Hong Kong’s wartime history.

Students visited significant historical sites during the Heritage Walk, including San Wan Fort, Sai Wan Military Cemetery, and Stanley Military Cemetery. They learned about the courageous efforts of our old boys who defended the city and sacrificed their own lives.

The Heritage Walk also helped to instil in students a deep appreciation for their Alma Mater’s esteemed legacy, built on countless achievements and sacrifices. It was hoped they would wear their school uniforms with pride and strive to bring honour to their Alma Mater.
In the excursion, we delved into Hong Kong’s wartime history and the courageous efforts of our Old Boys, who valiantly defended our city and made the ultimate sacrifice. We hope to remind all the students of our Alma Mater’s extensive and illustrious legacy, which is filled with the remarkable achievements of countless individuals.

Reunions & Social Gatherings

Class Reunions and Class Coordinator Network 

The Class Coordinator Subcommittee facilitated class reunion celebrations of the Classes of 1978 and 2003 on 14 and 21 October, also the Classes of 2002, 1973 and 1998 on 11, 12 and 18 November respectively. 

The Class Coordinators have regular quarterly gatherings, with the latest one on 25 October. There were 30 participants in 3 tables that night. OBA committee members have been attending these gatherings, providing a two-way communication opportunity with fellow Old Boys. 

We would also like to express our gratitude to Classes which are kind enough to donate surplus of their reunion dinner for school development.

Football Night
On 25 November, we had our first football watching gathering in this year. The football match ManCity vs Liverpool is started at 8:30pm, and more than 60 old boys came to share the joy and happiness with brothers. Watching Football is always the best way to overcome the age gap seeing many senior old boys talking and drinking with junior old boys which is amazing.

LSCOBA Happy Hour
LSCOBA hosted its Happy Hour on 2 November at BrewDog in Central and, as usual, the event was filled with fun and laughter. Apart from our Old Boys, our friends from Heep Yunn Old Girls’ Association and Maryknoll Convent School Former Students’ Association also joined us, making a total turnout of around 80.

Doctors of La Salle
Thanks to the efforts of the Medical Subcommittee, the Doctors of La Salle met up on 10 November, for a dinner gathering at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. It was a long waited opportunity for Old Boys in the profession to get together and rekindle ties.