Mr. Yiu-Lin John Cheung - Down the Memory Lane – Lasallians Remembered

Mr. Cheung, Yiu-Lin John

Years of service in LS: Approx 10 years Period of Service: 1960 – 1969 Subjects taught / role: Upper class mathematical sciences


The following is contributed by Clarence Ng (1969) in April 2010.

In a cold winter day, a young man with tall and skinny figure, greased short hair, wearing a pair of golden metal frame eye-glasses, an old fashion blue cotton long sleeve cheong-sam (長衫robe), and shinny shoes, carrying a small suitcase, with his head tilted a little high and looking far away, with his silent steps, he was roaming across a Roman medieval style architecture …

It sounded picture perfect, like reading a novel! It was not fiction but a fact. Those were the days, when Mr. John Cheung was teaching at our Majestic Dome campus. Mr. John Cheung, with a Master degree from The University of Hong Kong, taught only upper classes F.5 to F.7 at La Salle College. The subjects he was teaching would include pure mathematics, applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, and additional mathematics. He trained the students for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination and the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination.

He was the well known mastermind driving the La Salle boys to excellence. He aimed ambitiously high and always tried to set a better academic achievement record for LSC. That meant more Distinctions and more awards each year. I was lucky to have Mr. John Cheung teach me chemistry. We had a lot of Distinctions and Credits in our class. During his lecture time, he never told any jokes, never wasted any time in class. He kept teaching, reinforcing, and making sure every student remembered his lecture. He upgraded LSC lecture to university level, and he demanded high academic performance from the students. He propelled LSC to become one of the most renowned schools in Hong Kong.

In 1969, Mr. John Cheung left LSC and went to teach at Saint Mary’s Canossian College. After all these years, I still remember our conversation, as I was talking to him on his final days at LSC. The La Salle boys had not thwarted his epic ego as a super teacher; he just simply wanted to teach girls.

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