Bro. Casimir Husarik - Down the Memory Lane – Lasallians Remembered

Bro. Husarik, Casimir

Date of Birth: 22nd July 1914 Years of service in LS: 44 Period of Service: 1933 – 1977 Subjects taught / role: French Date of Death: 10th May 1977


Brother Casimir Husarik was born on 22nd July 1914 in Czechoslovakia, gifted with a marked aptitude for languages. In early years, he studied in Lembecq, Belgium and Dover, England. He later obtained an Honours Degree (French) from the University of London. Brother Casimir came to La Salle College in 1933, just one year after its establishment. From this time onwards, he spent 44 years here. This is an unbroken record. He was involved in all major events in the first four decades of the school. Brother Casimir started off as the Master of Class 2 (equivalent to Form 5). He took special interest in the establishment and development of the LSCOBA. He was the 2nd Vice-President and the Hon. President of the LSCOBA in 1960’s to 1970’s. Whenever he met an old boy, he would check whether he had joined the LSCOBA or not. Our strong foundation is in debt to his contribution and devotion. As with many Brothers, he had to leave for Indo-China (now called Vietnam) during the Japanese occupation. He was one of the architects, with Brother Cassian, who planned the re-establishment of the school after the war. He served diligently during the Perth Street era. In 1957, he was appointed Sub-Director and Vice Principal upon the death of Brother Cassian. Brother Casimir then witnessed the glorious return to La Salle Road in 1960. Brother Casimir became the 5th Principal and Director of La Salle College in 1965. He stayed in office for 6 years. Brother Casimir proved himself to be a teacher of merit and a wise administrator. He showed great energy and perseverance in teaching, sports administration, school magazine, Legion of Mary, etc. Being the longest serving Christian Brother of La Salle College, he is the right person to define the La Salle tradition which he identified as: “the tradition that stands for high academic standards, excellent moral tone and intelligent discipline” Mr. Christopher Wong (1967) of Chicago shared: “In 1965-6, Brother Casimir agreed to change the school blazer to black, after Maryknoll Convent School changed their uniforms. The universal Lasallian badge was allowed to replace the embroidered school badge.” On 10th May 1977, Brother Casimir died suddenly from a heart attack while in La Salle College. His students would remember him for his cheery disposition and capacity for hard work. The real secret of his success and popularity was his genuine unfailing kindness.

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