Bro. Vincent Ong - Down the Memory Lane – Lasallians Remembered

Bro. Ong, Vincent

Date of Birth: 1908 Years of service in LS: 8 Period of Service: 1932 – 1940


Brother Vincent Ong was born in a little farming village on the banks of Huang He in 1908. His father had to leave homeland in search of work and the boy lost contact with him since early age. At the age of four, a Hokkien family at Amoy left for Malaysia and took the young boy with them. They settled near the Muar river. His new father, Mr. Ong, went into partnership to run a successful rubber estate. He entered St. Francis’ Institution, Malacca. The young man was baptized on the Feast Day of St. Joseph in 1927. His mother flew into a fierce rage when she realized the baptism, as she was a devoted Taoist. The young man had to seek refuge in a friendly family. This family arranged for him to join the Brothers’ Novitiate in 1928. In October 1932, Brother Vincent came to Hong Kong and joined the newly established La Salle College. After a few years, Brother Vincent wanted to challenge himself by teaching higher classes and was transferred to St. Joseph’s College, Hong Kong.

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