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Mr. Cheung, Ting Por

Date of Birth: Mid 1940’s Years of service in LS: 1965 – 1997 Usual Classes Taught: Forms 4-7 Subjects taught / role: Physical Education


Contributed by: Andy Chan (82)         2007-07-05 17:18:33
Description: “Cheung Sir” did give good memories to every Lasallian as an excellent teacher and coach! we will miss you always!
Contributed by: Bill Foo (71)         2005-11-17 01:37:42
Description: I left LSC during form 2 in 1968 for the United States. I have very fond memories of T.P. Cheung, not only as an outstanding coach of sports teams, but also as a mentor of social skills. Oddly enough, I returned to LSC in 1989 to visit Brother Henry and also ran into T.P. I was delighted that without hesitation he remembered my name after 21 years!
Contributed by: Edward Yan         2005-09-30 13:42:45
Description: Hats off to Mr TP Cheung. His contributions to the School was undeniably significant for decades; his experience, skills, wit … all unique yet somewhat unorthodox in style. I was fortunate to receive the guidance from Mr. Cheung and Rev. Bro. Thomas during my years, and grateful to able to service my Mother School a little. It was a fond memory.
Contributed by: Lee Fong         2004-11-27 16:59:45
Description: I heard that TP Cheung used to teach at a Yuen Long school (for 1 year) after graduated from “Law Fu Kwok” academy before joining LS. Even though he was very young, he was credited A Team commander-in-Chief for the A team, thus embarking his life-long battle with DBS. Before Day 3, he would summon and brief all his soliders at the lecture theatre hall. After giving instructions and preparatory information for the battle next day, he would give $10 “car-horse-fee” to them, and warned them that shouldn’t take bus cos would meet traffic jam. SHould take ferry or MTR (2nd best) to travel to the battlefield. His son used to be a top student at LSC but left for overseas school after F.4. He didn’t seem to inherit his dad’s sports talent and thus didn’t join any sports team. What a pity!
Contributed by: Tony Gomes (1974)         2004-11-11 20:54:41
Description: I’m sure T.P. Cheung is all that everyone says he is for La Salle but when I think of him, I think of all the boys on the sports teams that he helped mould. His style may not have ‘by the book’ but I feel the lessons I learned about hard work resulting in good results has helped immensely. Another thing I learned from him is that you have to accept the bad (results) with the good and just move on and stop complaining. When I think of my years at La Salle, T.P. Cheung is the first name to come to mind.
Contributed by: Clement Chan (87)         2004-09-14 18:50:29
Description: Mr. T.P.Cheung is the TRUE defender of La Salle Spirit. Nobody does it better than him. His service at LSC should be 1965-1997. He became Sports Master in 1982-83, the year I started to enrol at LSC.
Contributed by: David Hsu (1973)         2004-06-29 12:59:03
Description: TP Cheung taught F1A in the 67-68 of General Science which the class had to go to the science lab. In those days, English was the teaching medium and Mr Cheung although speaking in English tended to be uptight and “hotted’ his finger while telling us the ins and outs of a “Bunsen Burner”.
Contributed by: Mark Huang (85)         2004-06-29 00:05:06
Description: A man of total devotion to La Salle. He has helped make La Salle into what it is today. Period.
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