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Mr. Chan, Tak Kin Kenneth

Class of Graduation: 1980 Date of Death: 2008


As posted by Edward ‘BB’ Ko (1980) on June 27, 2008. (Please view with Chinese Big 5 software) Unquote I am saddened to report the passing away of fellow classmate, 陳德堅 Kenneth Chan Tak Kin earlier this month. He is survived by his wife Gloria. Kenneth will always be remembered as an extremely talented musician, having written numerous songs recorded by major artists (who can forget 幾分鐘的約會 sung by Danny Chan” ) and a big time prankster, but above all, a most caring friend. He will be missed dearly. Unquote Kenneth’s biography as found in Tom Lee Music Foundation, where Kenneth worked, is as follows: 陳德堅 自幼在家庭的薰陶下接觸音樂,更愛上音樂創作;於喇沙書院畢業後便從事音樂工作,曾創作了不少膾炙人口的流行歌曲。陳氏自一九八零年起成為C.A.S.H.協會的會員並於同年加入通利音樂基金會任職電子琴導師。翼年,陳氏勇奪YAMAHA電子琴大賽的傑出阜峌獎,更連續三年奪得該浦猗。 非常享受教學生活的陳氏往後更專注於兒童音樂教育工作,並於一九八五年起出任YAMAHA兒童音樂課程之首席導師達十多年之久。陳氏於一九九五年考獲YAMAHA電子琴及Fundamental三級考試,即達 國際 認可 之 導師級 水平 。陳氏自一九九八年起即出任 YAMAHA 兒童音樂課程總監一職。Kenneth自言最大的得著便是看見學生們一天一天的進步,那種內心喜悅及滿足感確是非筆墨所能形容。這亦是他鞭策自己的一大推動力! Kenneth’s biography as posted on the Tom Lee Music Foundation as the Director of YAMAHA Courses: Kenneth Chan started his piano lessons under the influence of his parents and fell for music composition since then. He started his career as a composer after graduating from La Salle College and composed lots of classic songs which captured audiences’ heart. He became a member of the Composer and Author Society of H.K.(C.A.S.H.) since 1980 and joined Tom Lee Music Foundation as an Electone Teacher at the same time. Kenneth won the Outstanding Performance Award of the Yamaha Electone Festival for 3 consecutive years since 1981. Kenneth had fully devoted his time & energy in Yamaha music education system and became the Head Teacher of Yamaha Children Music Course since 1985. He obtained the Yamaha Electone & Fundamental Grade 3 in 1995 and became the Music Director of the Yamaha Children Music Course since 1998. His pleasure in teaching is the fulfillment and happiness brought from his students. His enthusiasm urges him to make steady progress everyday!

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