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Mrs. Lim, Rosalina

Years of service in LS: Over 10 years in LSPS Period of Service: 1960 – 1975 Date of Death: 8th September 2006


The following announcement was made on 10 September 2006: Dear All I just received an email from Brnadan Lim (84). I am saddened to share the passing away of Mrs Rosalina Lim, at the age of 94. Mrs Lim passed away peacefully in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on 8 Sep. She was 94 years old. Mrs Lim was exceptionally close to the La Salle family, and the Lim family is probably one of the closest families connected to HK La Salle. Besides being an LSPS teacher in the 60s and 70s, Mrs Lim was also the wife of Mr Benedict “Tiger” Lim, who was a teacher in our St Joseph’s Branch School, Chatham Road, TST (1917-1931), and he was one of the first teachers to teach in La Salle College starting December 1931. Mr and Mrs Lim had two sons, Oswald and Basil, who attended LSC in the 50s, and in turn, their sons also attended La Salle in the 1980s. The funeral will be held next Saturday in Baltimore, USA. However, the family does not plan to have any ceremonies or memorials in Hong Kong. Let us pray for the soul of Mrs Lim. Grant her, Lord, eternal rest. And let everlasting light shine upon her. Please grant peace and comfort to the Lim’s at this time of sadness. With sadness and warm regards, Mark Huang

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