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Mr. Lee, Peter Chung Sum

Subjects taught / role: Coach to La Salle Fencing Team Class of Graduation: 1958 Date of Death: 3rd September 2008


Peter Lee (58), second from left

Peter Lee (58), the elder brother of Bruce Lee (60) and Robert Lee (66), passed away of a heart attack on 3rd September 2008 at the age of 69. Peter’s Chinese name was Lee Chung Sum. Peter is arguably one of the all-time greatest fencers of our school. He was the Hong Kong colony champion, and among other competitions, he represented Hong Kong in the Commonwealth Games in Wales, United Kingdom, in 1958. Quoting from the “Sons of La Salle” school history book relating to Peter and his fencing team: – quote – La Salle began fencing in the late 50s, and won the Championship in the first interschool Fencing Competition in March 1958. Peter Lee (58), the elder brother of Bruce Lee, was the Colony Champion-at-Arms, and represented Hong Kong on a number of occasions. Peter was both fencer and coach to the La Salle Fencing Team, which later started a streak of winning the Interschool Fencing Championship from 1968,, amassing eleven victories in the next thirteen years. – unquote – Peter was not only a top athlete, but also a scholar. He worked in the government as an Assistant Director of the then Royal Observatory. He later migrated to Australia. Peter also taught in La Salle College for a time in the 1960s. Peter had two brothers and also two sisters. May Peter’s soul rest in peace. In the fencers photo, Peter is the second student from the right. In the group photo of the staff of the Royal Observatory (1983), Peter is fourth seated person from the right, with a hallmark La Salle student photo pose of crossed arms. (Old Boys, please offer any additional information on Peter, as we currently do not have much more. 8th September 2008) PS: thanks to Clement Chan (87) for pointing out some errors in the information, which have been rectified.

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Description: please,i need more information about peter lee and bruce jun fan lee school days. and more true facts! thanks and heartly greetings from island of krk north dalmatia croatia europe
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Description: Two more photos of Peter can be found here:
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Description: According to the recent interview of his ex-wife, Mary Cheung, Peter was only Assistant Director but not the “Head” of the Royal Observatory. Another proof is as follows: The Directors were all Britons during Peter’s serving period. But we can also locate him in this old photo as follows: The gentleman who sit at the fourth from right is obviously Peter. May he rest in peace.
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