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Bro. Blake, Mark

Date of Birth: 16th March 1931



Brother Mark Blake, born on 16th March 1931, was number 10 among the seven brothers and four sisters. At the age of 16, Brother Mark followed the good steps of her elder brother – Brother Lawrence to join the Christian Brothers. He taught in the St. Michael’s Institution in Ipoh, Malaysia (1952 – 1960) and in St. Joseph’s School, Kuching, East Malaysia (1960 – 1983). Under his coaching, his students won numerous medals and trophies in interschool competitions. The official age of retirement was 55 but Brother Mark loved teaching so much that he decided to leave Malaysia. His fellow parishioner at Clonaslee, County Laois, Ireland – Brother Raphael, invited him to come to La Salle College (another parishioner was Brother Francis O’Rourke). Brother Mark arrived in 1983. Everyone was impressed with his love in sports – rugby and athletics. It was once rumoured among students that he participated in the Olympic Games and no one doubted it! Here is Brother Mark’s reply: “That’s not true. I can’t even represent Kowloon!” Up till this very moment, he helps various sports teams in their training. He is always present in the interschool competitions – rain or shine. He is still fit and cheerful. He was asked, “How long can you throw the discus?” His answer was, “Two to three hours.” “I mean the distance, sir.” “I never do any measurement.” He will do hiking from La Salle College to Lion Rock three times a week. He can finish the trip in about one hour and fifty minutes. Brother Patrick joins him whenever he is free. Brother Mark reminded us of the motto – “Ora et Labora”, i.e. “Pray and Work”. Courtsey of At the end of 2008, Bro. Mark returned to the De La Salle Monastery in Ireland. We wish him well!


Contributed by: Mark Huang (85)         2008-05-17 09:56:52
Description: The Heritage Sub-committee is pleased to share that we have put Br. Mark in touch with Louis Jap after they lost touch for many years. Br. Mark has fond memories of his former student and was happy to get back in touch with him.
Contributed by: Louis Jap         2008-02-14 20:18:57
Description: Dear Bro. Mark, 30 over years ago you asked one young man your student in St. Joseph Sec Sch Kuching the time of Camelite Sunday Mass and he bluffed you. That was in the year 1974 and the young was Yap Eng Khai. Some years later he got his name registered to Louis Yap Eng Khai then Louis Jap Eng Khai. I am so sorry to have caused you so much trouble before. I am now doing quite successful in life and careeer in tourism. I want badly to be in touch with you. Please reply me at
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