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Mr. Dayaram, Lionel

Subjects taught / role: Mathematics and English


The following was shared by David Hsu (1974) in June 2004. Mr. Lionel Dayaram was form master for F.1A in my 68-69 year and form-master for the A class which comprised of mainly Portugese students. He taught Mathematics and English. I would say he is the best dressed male teacher …six foot tall and always in a tailor made three piece suit of various colours and always black shoes..and with black trimmed eyeglasses. I recall his English pronunciation for “question” was QUES-T-ION which was a benefit to those who had problem pronouncing TION. He also taught Mathematics in step by step procedures and always told us not to skip any steps ..which is great for revision and the training of a logical mind – to think rather than to memorise. A great teacher indeed.

Contributed by: alex lee         2009-06-09 10:52:11
Description: Although I am not from LSC, but Mr Dayaram was my Form teacher for two years in Sing Yin Secondary School and he was the best of all teaching professionals and faculty I came across rest of my life. PS further comments offered to Webmaster and added July 2009. Scrambling through memories, I recall I was admitted into form one class (1B) of Sing Yin Secondary School in 1970 and probably was the first batch of form one intake for Sing Yin. I was there for 2 years and transferred to Salesian School in 72′. Mr Dayaram was our form teacher as well as english teacher for two years. You can imagine the patience he needed for students who were so much different from his previous classes in LSC. But I remember he showed so much perserverance, care and devotion to his classes in SYSS. And that is no exaggeration. I remember he even personally supported a classmate who had financial difficulty and was by then a very marginal student considered by most of the traditional education institutes. I could not recall how much longer he served in syss, as unfortunately I did not keep in touch either with him or the class. I hope your site will gather more of Mr Dayaram’s deeds and share with all those who had spent some years with him either in lsc or syss. God bless you.
Contributed by: Andre Alves ((Form 1a, 1968-9)         2008-03-28 09:12:09
Description: LD was pretty switched on as a teacher. He always seemed to know who actually knew the answer to his questions in Maths, and always directed his questions to those who didn’t know or struggled with new concepts. When nobody could answer the question, he would then turn to the smart ones for them to answer. And yes, he certainly was a snappy dresser! I remember him well, and I’m sad to hear he’s gone.
Contributed by: Clarence Ng (1969)         2006-10-20 09:25:22
Description: Mr. Dayaram was my first teacher (Form Master) on my first day of school at La Salle College. He taught me English and I remember him well. He pronounced Wednesday as WED-NES-DAY.
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