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Bro. Dooley, James

Subjects taught / role: Spiritual Director of Legion of Mary Praesidium Our Lady of Fatima, inter alia


The following was shared by Lester Huang (77) on 2-Aug-2001

I was fortunate enough to have Brother James Dooley as Spiritual Director when I was President of the Legion of Mary Praesidium Our Lady of Fatima. Through our weekly encounters the fellow Legionaries came to know more of this good man and his teaching. Brother James always came across as being strict, but reasonable. His allocutios (sermons to those outside the Legion Movement) were worded in language appropriate for the boys gathered around him in terms of the level of English and as to the spiritual content. We could hang on to these messages and live by them. After Brother James left La Salle College I think he spent some time in Rome doing Lasallian work. We corresponded occasionally and later today I will dig out the old letters (often aerogrammes) that we exchanged. In my mind’s eye, however, I can see his strong bold style of handwriting, more often than not in heavy thick pens, conveying his humble gentle manner. As one of the many good La Salle brothers who was to me an inspiration and a model, Brother James will be in my heart forever. Rest in Peace. Lester Huang

Contributed by: Alexander Lee         2005-12-14 07:20:55
Description: Bro. James Dooley was my school principal from 65-69 in St. Joseph’s College, Hong Kong. I remember him as a strict but fair educator with whom I had numerous encounters cos I was quite a problem student.
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