Dr. Iu Kau Chan - Down the Memory Lane – Lasallians Remembered

Dr. Chan, Iu Kau


Dr. Chan completed his primary and secondary education at La Salle College, Hong Kong. He thereafter graduated from University of Hong Kong and received his first medical degrees. He further obtained professional qualifications from the United Kingdom. He was awarded Fellowships by a number of Medical Professional Institutions and qualified as a specialist in Cardiology, Hong Kong Medical Council in 1999. Since graduation, Dr. Chan served as a medical doctor at Queen Mary Hospital, Grantham Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital until he started his private practice in 1985. Throughout his professional life, Dr. Chan had also provided medical care to low-income households at Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions Workers Medical Clinics. He was well praised by his patients for his devotion and selflessness. He was survived by his wife Teresa, daughter Dawn and son Leo.

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