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Mr. Woo, Ho Wai

Date of Birth: 1943 Email Address: [email protected] Usual Classes Taught: 5A Subjects taught / role: English and History


Here is an update from Mr Woo himself to an old boy in June 2004: I have been doing part-time teaching at a certain institute, teaching English to a class of post-secondary students. But I have not decided yet if I will continue to do such a ‘monkey’ business in the forthcoming September. Will let you know soon. In addition to my regular part-time teaching, I also gave (and am still giving) private tuitions in Englsih to students from Form 2 to Form 5.

Contributed by: David Ling Jr (1973)- [email protected]         2007-01-02 14:57:47
Description: Woo Sir is the only teacher I can remember, with smiles in my head. His classes were always (__________)*fill in anything exceptional! That’s how great his impression was on my developing teenage brain at that time. Thank you Woo Sir. btw, if David Hsu or Harry or anyone from 5A (73) reads this, please keep in touch. Thanks Peter Choy for “turning me on” to this site.
Contributed by: Mark Huang (85)         2006-07-29 23:17:26
Description: Dear H.R. Hiranand, Thank you for your sharing above on 15 June 2006. Since we are gathering heritage items relating to La Salle and Lasallians (staff included), the Heritage Subcommittee would very much like to obtain a copy or the original Kent Ad from 1973, and to place that in the Heritage Center of LSC. Can you please contact me on markhuang1985@ Thank you.
Contributed by: H.R. Hiranand; Class of ’73         2006-06-15 22:14:50
Description: “Hoi Polloi” : that was the 1st word I learned from Mr. Woo – thankfully there were more, but only because he was a great teacher. Believe me I had many very good teachers, but they were mostly useless as they were unable to capture my attention or interest. Regretfully, our class may have been the one to have corrupted him – or liberated him. I do have a copy of the ‘Kent’ ad from 1973, if anybody’s interested.
Contributed by: Tommy Chan (77)         2005-12-19 19:36:13
Description: Believe it or not,Woo Sir once told our class that he was led astray by his students La Salle boys when he was a young teacher in LSC. : ) I think Woo Sir must be kidding at that time. Woo Sir is always so cool and smart in our eyes! THANKS !!!
Contributed by: Gildas Fung(91)         2005-11-16 01:54:25
Description: “You pay shcool fee, you learn nothing.”, “Do you need me to give you a wake up call next morning?” are the 2 most common sentences I’d heard when Mr.Woo was my Form Master when i was in 4B and 5A. Luckily I was one of the “lucky ones” in the class to enjoy listening to all his sacarsms towards other “not so lucky” classmates. Having disappointed Mr. Woo during my HKCEE, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my stupidity of being lazy, I would also like to thank Mr. Woo for everything he taught me during those 2 memorable years (including of course, the famous German Phrase – Schadenfreud,which I think many a classmates in 5A of the year 91 remember well!) Mr. Woo, once again thank you so much for everything you taught me. (I hope my english,if not improved, has at least not deteriorated)! I really cherrished those 2 years a lot. Thanks.
Contributed by: Edward Yan         2005-09-30 14:13:49
Description: Mr. Woo is always energetic and his teaching was inspirational. Wonder why nobody mentioned anything about the “Kent” commercial, yet? Anyway, the fact is we all loved it but dared not to bring up that subject in class …. 🙂
Contributed by: Douglas Chan (1977)         2004-11-27 17:17:32
Description: Mr.Woo’s enthusiasm in teaching history & english inspired us all ( F5A ). He has his way of making a boring subject into an interesting one and in turn we learn or in other words we absorbe his teachings. Recently I argued with my son’s classmate about the Iraq War and I can still use the knowledge that I have learned to teach that kid the correct way! His parents seem to be too right wing conservative ( as say in the USA.) Thanks for all the stuff that you have done and if I visit Hong Kong, I will definitely give you a call to rekindle good old happy days.
Contributed by: Peter Choy(73)         2004-07-03 03:49:38
Description: “Why was the Crimean War inevitable?” This question was asked by Woo Sir in October 1971 History test for F4A. Some of the famous saying by Woo Sir: “If I have offended you, I beg your forgiveness” “I am what I am because of my Douglas Gland” “Pardon me, I am hard of hearing” Sir, you are so cool thank you for everything! Peter…..
Contributed by: David Hsu (1973)         2004-07-01 18:25:44
Description: He was our form master for F5A in 72-73 which was the most notorious then and Mr Woo bravely and confidently assumed. He taught us English and Western History. He is remarkable for his analytical way in teaching History whom he sets out the background reasons, the cause and action, and of course the consequences. By analysing matters prevailed over memorising historical events which was great. I recall the entire class passed the English History with a couple distinctions and nearly 50% achieving credits. He is also remarkable in his unique way of teaching English. He would read aloud the English Composition of each student with name withheld and announce the grammatical errors, wrong use of the english metaphor or vocabulary. To the class is a general learning whilst to that particular student whom only the student knows of his particular mistakes would definetely learn his errors.


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