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Bro. Fenton, Herman

Date of Birth: April 1913 Years of service in LS: 22 Period of Service: 1947 – 1969 Subjects taught / role: Supervisor of Chan Sui Ki Primary Date of Death: February 2009


Brother Herman Fenton was born in County Limerick, Ireland in April 1913. He taught in La Salle College from 1947 to 1969 and was once the Sports Master. In 1965, he became the First Principal of La Salle Evening School, which in September 1969, evolved into Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College in Homantin. Brother Herman passed away peacefully in February 2009 at the ripe old age of 96. At the 40th Anniversary of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College, held in February 2009, Brother Patrick Tierney, Guest of Honour of the opening ceremony shared the following on Brother Herman, the Founder of the school: “Although we are sorry he cannot be with us today, we thank God that Brother Herman is still alive and still keenly interested in the affairs of the College. In fact he holds the distinction of having founded 3 schools in all: La Salle Evening School, Chan Sui Ki(La Salle) College and Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School.” Brother Herman’s funeral mass will be held at 9:30 am on 25th February, 2009, at St Teresa’s Church. The burial will be held immediately after at the Happy Valley St Michael Catholic Cemetery.


Contributed by: Historic P. M. Section Students         2009-03-10 11:22:17
Description: As conducted by the De La Salle Brothers, today, St. Joseph College, La Salle College, and Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College are prestigious schools with outstanding scholastic achievements, making news headlines in Hong Kong. But the mostly forgotten, yet brilliant event in La Salle College history was the day when Brother Herman re-enacted as Saint John Baptist de La Salle educating the poor boys in the neighborhood. Brother Herman founded the La Salle Evening School, by extending the LSC teaching hours to the evening, employing the same LSC teaching staffs, using the same LSC text books, sharing the same LSC campus. During the evening hours, Brother Herman was offering the same elite LSC education to the less fortunate boys, who otherwise could not afford a secondary school education. Thank God! I was one of the poor boys benefited from the Evening school. The elite LSC education has changed my life, and changed so many other poor boys like me. It is unaccountable for how much we should thank to Brother Herman or how much we owed him. I cannot hold my tears when I learned that Brother Herman has passed away. On behalf of all the La Salle Evening School students, I pay tribute to Brother Herman, and may God bless the soul of Brother Herman, resting in peace.
Contributed by: Thomas Lee (70)         2009-02-25 11:50:18
Description: I was a student of Bro. Herman in the late 60s at La Salle College. I remember Bro. Herman as a very gentle and dedicated a teacher. Last April, I visited Bro. Herman at LSC Brother Quarter and he was very alert and happy to meet one of his former students. Bro. Herman, as expected, didn remember me. However, when I told him that I still remember the book that I learned from him, inds in the Willows?and also told him that I active in the church, he gave me a big smile. I thank God for mentors and teachers at LSC like Bro. Herman. May Bro. Herman rest in God eternal peace.
Contributed by: Alexius Wong (69)         2009-02-25 00:02:43
Description: Several years ago another classmate and I went to Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College to visit Bro Herman. He taught us in the 60s. We had not seen him for almost 40 years. He, of course, could not recall our names or recognize our faces. We told him we were his students and expected him to ask us our names, year of graduation etc. To our great surprise, his very first question was “How can I help you?” That was a deeply moving moment I will never forget. Being weak and old, in his mind Bro Herman was still thinking of the goodwill of others. He devoted his whole life to the Church, to education, and to love. May his soul rest in peace!
Contributed by: Mark Huang         2009-02-24 11:27:33
Description: Brother Herman spent some 60 years in Hong Kong. He devoted his life to educating the youth in Hong Kong, be they from LSC, La Salle Evening School, CSK (La Salle) College or juniors in CSK (La Salle) Primary. Let us not take what the Brothers have sacrificed for granted. Without them, there would be no La Salle, no CSK.
Contributed by: Bill Wong (66)         2009-02-23 01:36:08
Description: I am saddened to hear the passing of Brother Herman. Brother Herman was a selfless and keen educator, who had influenced many Lasallians. His kindness, mild manner and dedication to the La Salle community will always be remembered. May his soul rest in peace! Bill
Contributed by: Mark Huang (85)         2007-02-16 23:13:34
Description: Well said, Historic P.M. Section students! Thank you for the sharing.
Contributed by: Historic P. M. Section students         2006-12-27 03:10:48
Description: La Salle Evening School was also known as the La Salle College P. M. Section. Now, it is part of the La Salle College history; and also part of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College history. La Salle College was just like a mother carrying with her a fetus, the Evening School. After years of gestation, she gave birth to a new school, the CSK (La Salle) College. All this great work was relied on the strong leadership and robust effort of Brother Herman. The energetic Brother Herman again founded the Chan Sui Ki Primary School. It is no doubt that Brother Herman is one of the greatest LaSallian educators enhancing the LaSallian spirit, in Hong Kong.
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