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Mr. Chanduloy, George Felix

Period of Service: 1964 – 1970 Subjects taught / role: English, Geography, and Biblical Knowledge


The following is contributed by Clarence Ng (1969) in April 2010.

Mr. George Felix Chanduloy’s Chinese name was 陳炳江; and Chanduloy was evolved from his father’s name Chan Du Loy, earmarked by the old era of colonial Hong Kong.

He was a young Master degree graduate from The University of Hong Kong, with a major in English and a minor in French. Mr. Chanduloy taught upper level class English at La Salle College. One of his main obnoxious attributes was holding a stick in the classroom, and he swung it dangerously like a sword. It could be his fever in the sport of fencing, or his blind belief in an outdated education philosophy, “spare the rod, spoil the child.” I was always behaving in his class, and he never beat me.

In addition to his hectic teaching schedule at La Salle College, Mr. Chanduloy led the LSC fencing team members to HK-TVB Enjoy Yourself Tonight Show. This was the first time that LSC fencing team had a chance to demonstrate their sport to the public of Hong Kong. He was also the playwright and director of a Christmas drama at LSC, adding performance arts and entertainment to our school.

While he was teaching at La Salle College, his younger brother was a LSC student, a fellow classmate of some of my good friends. That was how Mr. Chanduloy and his brother were well mixed with students. We all considered Mr. Chanduloy as our big brother too. He was in love with electronic Hi Fi and all types of music. He was generously sharing his huge music collections (in black vinyl albums and open-reel-to-reel tapes) with students.

After LSC, Mr. Chanduloy taught at Ng Wah College.

Mr Chanduloy maintains a entry:

Mr Chanduloy returns to HK occasionally and he has very fond memories of his LSC days both as a student and a teaching staff.


Contributed by: Vincent Fung (class of 68)         2011-10-05 16:00:47
Description: My best memory of Mr. Chanduloy is his involvement in the lifes of the students around him. Being an introvert, he “pushed” me, without success, to have a part in one of the first plays he wrote and directed at LSC. He was also kind enough to include me in the summer swimming outings and even invite me to the Christmas party. Underneath some of his unconevntional teaching style, he was actually a very kind and caring person. Even with the passage of time, such experiences are still on my mind. I have not heard about him since I left HK in 1969–until I came upon this posting. I do wish him well in all his endevours.
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