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Bro. Sheenan, Felix

Date of Birth: September 17, 1912 Years of service in LS: 29 Usual Classes Taught: History Period of Service: 1952 – 1981 Subjects taught / role: Principal


Brother Felix Sheenan was born on 17th September 1912 in Fethard, Country Tipperary, Ireland. He was the only boy in a family of four. At the age of 18, he left home and joined the Christian Brothers. After initial training, he went to Malaysia and later came to Hong Kong in the mid-thirties. When World War II broke out, he went to Indo-China (now called Vietnam)where he served in some well-known schools of the Christian Brothers. At the end of the war, he returned to Ireland with poor health due to malaria. His health was restored in his homeland. He entered university and obtained a degree in history. Brother Felix then went to Kuching, Sarawak. In 1952, Brother Felix joined St. Joseph’s College, Hong Kong. Upon the retirement of Brother Patrick, he came to La Salle College as the Principal in 1956. La Salle College was undergoing exile in Perth Street. Brother Felix was best remembered for regaining possession of our great Dome. On 7th January 1960, Bishop Bianchi celebrated a High Mass of Thanksgiving for the home return. The story did not end here. Brother Felix worked tirelessly to convert the Dome from a military hospital back to a school. His nine years as Principal saw the school grew in all fields. To accommodate such growth, the school was separated into the Primary and Secondary sections. Brother Felix led the Secondary Section i.e. La Salle College while Brother Henry led the Primary section i.e. La Salle Primary School. Brother Felix stayed in La Salle College for nine years. In 1966, he was transferred to De La Salle Secondary School in Fanling. After serving as Principal in De La Salle Secondary School in Fanling for two terms, Brother Felix returned to La Salle College and taught his usual lessons. On reaching mandatory retirement in 1981, he did part-time teaching in the Hang Seng School of Commerce, Shatin until the end of 1984 when he left for Oxford, UK. An English Debate Competition between La Salle College and the Hang Seng School of Commerce – The Brother Felix Cup was held annually in honour of this great educator.

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Description: Originally posted: 2004-11-09, 07:48:19 I studied at La Salle College between 1957 -1959. Rev. Bro. Felix Sheehan was a very kind and compassionate man. When my parents left for Jakarta in 1959, Bro. Felix asked me to stay at the Brothers’ House till I passed the Hongkong School Exam. It was a great privilege to me. I never forget his kindness. I pray for him, all the La Salle Brothers and my dear classmates everyday. Any La Salle Old Boys who by chance read this message may contact me at . Thank you very much for posting this message.
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