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Mr. Lee, Bruce (Yuen Kam)

Date of Birth: 27th November 1940 Date of Death: 20th July 1973


Bruce entered La Salle College in September 1951 at the age of 11, reading Class 8 (equilivant to Primary 5). [La Salle Primary School was non-existant then] La Salle College was then located in Perth Street, as the school building was taken over by the British Government. Bruce left La Salle in June 1956. Therefore Bruce never studied in the La Salle Road campus, which the school returned to from Perth Street only in 1959.

Contributed by: Chan Yuk Cheung (1958)         2004-12-23 11:44:59
Description: Brace Lee was the first person I had a fight in my life. I gave him a black eye!!! When I told my friends that I gave Bruce Lee a black eye nobody believe in me! Indeed I did. It happened about primary 5 or 6 at that time. I was playing marbles with a group of friends while he was doing shot put. The problem was he tried to throw his lead ball right into our marble ring. We moved to a new area of the football field and he followed us throwing his heavy lead ball right into the middle of our marble games. We pleaded with him not to spoil our game but he refused. Eventually I got so mad that I attached him physically, the first time in my life. I had never fought anymore fight in my life! Knowing Bruce Lee’s past behaviour in school (I thought) the principal did not punish me at all. His brother, Lee Chung Sum my classmate was not angry with me and I continue to be his and Bruce’s friend especially within the Boy Scout 17th Kowloon. I suppose that his father got him to learn Chinese boxing after that incident. See my contribution to his bright future! Ha! Ha! Ha! I remember visiting his home or where he was practising his Wing Chun Boxing(?) with a type of wooden stilt and a few branches extending out from the main wooden post. I also remember him presending good acting during our normal campfire evening during the Scout camping nights. I was impressed with his acting as a monkey trainer getting his monkey to dance with a rope around its neck. Later on I tried to imitate that particular act with serious flop. “Wor Chun Kiang Si Dai Li Nai (I bring you all the way from Kiang Si to do the dancing etc…)” My acting skill was far behind his that nobody in the audience laughed at all! Bruce was a good actor and fighter in his earlier years. I gave him a black eye only because he had not started learning his Kung Fu. I miss him and all the fine time together during the Scouting contact.
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