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Mr. Ko, Bo Keung

Date of Birth: 1930? Date of Death: 17 June 2009


The Old Boys community is saddened to learn of the passing away of the school’s former soccer team captain, Ko Bo Keung on 17 June 2009. Ko was a soccer legend in Hong Kong, and had been captain of the South China and the Eastern soccer teams, capturing numerous honours. The following are some news reports of his unexpected death, at age of 79. The last paragraph in the Apple Daily report reads: “Ko, a very respected player in the professional HK soccer circle, graduated from La Salle College. Ko was also a top sprinter, and was recruited to South China’s A Team at the age of 17 [in 1947], becoming the youngest midfield player of the time. He was later also recruited into the HK team, and two years later he was made captain of South China.” Ko also subsequently became the captain of the HK team. May Ko’s soul rest in peace. And thank you to Senior Ko for leading La Salle to its glorious soccer achievements immediately after WWII. If any old boy has personal stories or memories of Ko, or found interesting stories of Ko from any media, please share them at the entry for Ko in the Lasallians Remembered section.

Readers can gain a glimpse of HK’s glorious soccer days in the 1940s and 1950s through this link, where Ko played his part faithfully.

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