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Bro. Cheung, Anthony

Date of Birth: 10 May 1922 Years of service in LS: 7 years Usual Classes Taught: La Salle Primary School Period of Service: 1960 – 1966 Date of Death: 25 May 1999


Brother Anthony Cheung, La Salle Brother, passed away, in Assunta Hospital in the early hours of 25 May 1999 after a long illness. Soon after retirement in 1997 he was not in the best of health but remained reasonably active till his admission to Assunta Hospital on 5 April. Brother Anthony Cheung, though born in Hong Kong, chose to remain in Malaysia to exercise his ministry in five La Sallian establishments. Wherever he was, be it in Penang, Taiping, Kowloon, lpoh or Petaling Jaya, he was noted as a man of many talents which he put to use for the good of his students, readers and subjects in training. He is better known as the editor of the popular students’ magazine “Crusader” which was always looked forward to by the students in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Through this ministry he built a wide network of friends and well-wishers who donated generously to his charitable works for the orphans and poor of India. Over and above his main interest in publishing the “Crusader”, later renamed “The Young Lasallian”, he was the indefatigable secretary and confidante to five Provincials that spanned a record-breaking 30 years. Information obtained from According to a Br. Felix in Malaysia advised that Br. Anthony Cheung is buried in Cheras Christian Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur. When in KL, visitors can take a taxi to the cemetery. One should follow the road to the top of hill to his left where there is a small unused reception chapel. The Brothers are buried in a straight row to the right of the chapel as one approaches it. Br. Felix (residing in Petaling Jaya, a suburb of KL) says he is willing to assist with a visit help if necessary or the Brothers at St John’s Institution could also help. If any Old Boy visits the cemetery, please take photos of the graves and send them to the [email protected], as there may be other Brothers who worked in HK (not only LSC) who are buried there, and the OBA would like to help the Brothers in Hong Kong with such findings. Thank you.

Contributed by: TC         2012-05-21 18:46:01
Description: I was one of those who lived with Br Anthony Cheung in Petaling Jaya. I was under his tutelage; there were more than 15 at one stage. He was the Director of the Scholasticate programme. He taught cathecism in La Salle Primary School (Br. Leo was Headmaster). He was an inspiration to all the young Lasallians through his publication which was very popular. He also used to collect and re-sell used stamps and the money was sent to India. Many well-wishers used to collect used stamps and they would arrive; a great place for teenage schoolboys to spend hours looking through and selecting the used stamps. What strikes me most was he was a Brother that gave out red packets during Chinese New Year and we all looked forward to that; especially those who did not go back home. He was a Brother. And he was family.
Contributed by: Chu T C’71         2004-08-24 19:50:10
Description: As far as I know, he never taught at LSPS but only at LSC. Aside from the above contributions, Bro. Anthony-Philip was well known for his work in setting up and was the conductor/music director of the LSC orchestra. During the summer holidays, he and the late Bro. Henry organised boating and swimming outings for the orchestral members and families. Another area he was actively involved in was in “training and recruiting” (I do not know the religious term)young men as future Brothers. He had four under his “tutelage” at one time but unfortunately, the program did not achieve the successes that we all hoped for.
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