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Bro. Sauron, Aimar Pierre

Date of Birth: 1873 Years of service in LS: 15 Period of Service: 1930 – 1945 Subjects taught / role: First Principal, Teacher Date of Death: November 1945


Born in 1873 of the sturdy stock of the Cevennes Folk, Brother Aimar Sauron received his professional training at the Brothers’ Central Normal College of Paris. Brother Aimar held a record of 52 years as a Missionary Teacher in the Far East. Brother Aimar served many years in St. Joseph’s Institution in Singapore. Under the guidance of Brother Aimar, the boys won many highly prized contests. The St. Joseph’s Institution became one of the foremost educational establishments in Singapore. Brother Aimar later became the Director of St. Xavier’s Institution in Penang. In 1910, a large piece of land was acquired and Brother Aimar rebuilt St. Xavier’s Institution. It was in Hong Kong that Brother Aimar achieved more than anywhere else. In early 1914, Brother Aimar arrived at Robinson Road and assumed the management of St. Joseph’s College, Hong Kong. The school grew in size and fame under Brother Aimar’s leadership. Eight new airy and bright classrooms were soon added. A new building was later put up. To spare the young boys from the trouble of crossing the harbour daily, Brother Aimar purchased a house in Chatham Road, Tsim Sha Tsui and opened a branch of St. Joseph’s College in September 1917. On 8th December 1941, Japanese troops invaded Hong Kong. On 12th December 1941, a Japanese officer arrived at La Salle College and half of the building was requisitioned. On 20th January 1942, all Brothers were told to leave the school. The Japanese army only promised Brother Aimar to seal off the chapel, the sacristy and the office.

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