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Inspirations Webinar Series: What’s ad?

What does commercial time mean to you? Even if we choose to skip commercials, there are always genius productions that managed to find their way to our hearts.

And these works of art are often produced under everchanging instructions from clients, ambitious deadlines and, um, even more ambitious budgets. All this is impossible without the creative minds of the advertising industry.

LSCOBA is honoured to have invited 3 old boys from the industry to share with us the secrets behind the scenes. 

Whether you are a new graduate aspiring to join the industry, or are a seasoned practitioner looking to share your story (and find a protégé), or just curious about the industry, you are more than welcome! 

Date: 6 March 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00pm HK time

Language: Cantonese

Format: Zoom video conference 

If you would like to attend, please register here before 5 March 6pm. We will send you the Zoom link before the session. 


David Tsui (73) 

Advertising director and a legend in the industry. Over the years, David created countless famous advertisements, including the all time classic Solvil et Titus series and Burberry series.

Andrew Lee (81) 

After serving for more than a decade as managing director in top-10 advertisement agencies in the world, Andrew founded Metta Communications in 2008. He is the mastermind behind the brand reengineering of P&G, SHK Properties, PCCW, Mannings, Fortune Pharmacal and other clients. Recipient of numerous awards for his advertisement productions.

Christopher Chan (96)

Advertising creative, university lecturer and football commentator. More than 15 years of experience in the field, took the creative direction role in numerous firms. He founded The Playmakers in 2020, focusing on content creation.


Paul Liu (87)

LSCOBA Committee Member, an advertisement enthusiast 

Corum Chu (96)

LSCOBA Committee Member with over 20 years of Digital Marketing experience under his belt.

Christopher Lee (98)

LSCOBA Committee Member, Communication designer, founder of Noiseless Design