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Inspirations Webinar Series: Let’s talk Crypto!

Date:09 Feb 2021
Venue:Zoom Video Conference   

From the financial guys to the old grannies at home, everyone out there is talking crypto.

Some might be immensely involved in the new tech, some might rather wait and see. No matter what, it is probably worthwhile to invest some time to learn what crypto really is.

Having lined up some prominent old boys in the field, the Information Technology Professional Network of LSCOBA proudly presents “Cryptocurrency 101 and (probably) insights on your Lai See Coin!”

The session will start with a brief introduction on the crypto technology. What are the types of coin out there, how are they used? How people use them to store value and invest? What are the risks and returns of the different investment options? Our guests will also share their views on potential trends for the crypto industry.

Date: 9 February 2021 (Tuesday)

Time: 9:30 pm HK time

Language: Cantonese

Format: Zoom video conference

If you would like to attend, please register at before Feb 8 6pm. We will send you the Zoom link before the session.


Keith Li (91), Co-Founder and CEO of Innopage Limited, specialized in mobile apps development and User Experience (UX) Design. Part-time lecturer and instructor for local universities. Vice-chairman of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

Benedict Ho (94), Co-Founder and CEO of MaiCapital, a blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund firm in Hong Kong

Louis Li (98), Co-founder of RedSo

Jason Choi (10), Managing Director of Cointelegraph and formerly Strategy Manager of Diginex (NASDAQ: EQOS)


Peter Choi (98), LSCOBA IT Professional Network Convenor, Chairman of British Computer Society (HK Section)

John Lam (10), Honorary Treasurer of LSCOBA