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Coffee & …What? Something More!

Cross-over with a famous local coffee specialist shop, LSCOBA rolls out a specially-designed Coffee Drip Bag, “Coffee & Something More Coffee Drip Bag”.

The two selected coffee bean categories are originated from Panama and Guatemala. The bags are featured with the design of a LSC boy making coffee, and another with Chevrons on our School Badge.

The unit cost of each drip bag is $30, while drip bags packed at Bundle of Three, Weekly Pack (seven drip bags) or Workday Pack (22 drip bags), with different discounts offered. This would surely refresh your morning with La Salle Spirit.

Coffee & Something More Coffee Drip Bag (

Due to the need for social distancing, self pickup at Campus Collection Counter is not available at the moment. Products could only be delivered to you for this round, and please note that this involves an additional cost.