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Dear Lasallians,

Re: Solicit Support for the LSCOBA Credit Card Program

The LSCOBA has launched the credit card program with Wing Hang Bank since December 2004. After three years of preparation, this is another bold and giant step for the Association as we continue to explore ways to support the development of our younger generation of Lasallians.

The achievements of La Salle College under the leadership of the Christian Brothers are irrefutable. We the old boys are very much part of the scene especially those who join the teaching profession in our Alma Mater. Together we formed the foundation of this heritage.

This is a modern world with new problems. We will need new buffers and guides to move Lasallians forward.

With the modernization of youth education in Hong Kong, our current students require better facilities and multi-dimensional perspectives in learning. LSCOBA is asking your help to support us in facing all the challenges ahead and to ensure that the fine tradition and heritage of our Alma Mater will pass on to future generations. We promise that every cent from the program is set aside for the development of La Salle College and the students.

So far, we have used the fund to support the summer concert, science exhibition, new scholarship funds for best French student and more.

Apart from a series of exclusive offers the LSCOBA card can bring to you, you are making a closer tie to the school with your daily life by being the cardholder.

  • Wing Hang Bank will donate HK$150 for every successfully approved principal card
  • 0.30% of all retail card spending to LSCOBA in support of the school activities
  • 0.5125% cash rebate to your bill with every HK$200 of your spending
  • Preapproved application (income proof waived for LSCOBA Visa Classic Cards) for all members of LSCOBA
  • Special offer discount from old boys’ own business

So far, we have more than 600 applicants but we are still far short from the target required by the bank. Even though we have made enough to cover whatever penalty incurred, OBA is aiming to minimize the margin of loss. We also hope you will consider asking your family to apply as principal card holder as supplementary card is not counted for the $150 rebate.

I am asking your support and loyalty and we are honored that will consider to sign up. You can also help us by sharing this pledge with other Lasallians you come across.

Yours truly,
Dr. Bernard Kong ’76
President, LSCOBA 2005/06