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Viva La Salle Spirit 2003

Dear Fellow Old Boys, 

In the first three weeks after the Annual General Meeting of LSCOBA held on 4th July 2003, all the Committee members have been working very hard to formulate and consolidate our action plan for the coming year. The First Committee Meeting was held on 25th July 2003 at OBA Room in La Salle College and here are a few highlights of the initial discussion then: 

1. Formation of Subcommittees and Appointment of Convenors

Alumni SubcommitteeDr. Louis Law (70)
Communication SubcommitteeMr. Paul Wong (76)
Heritage SubcommitteeMr. Peter Kam (77)
Sports and Recreation SubcommitteeMr. Henry Chan (70)
Mr. Lawrence Ng (77)
Student Affairs SubcommitteeDr. Bernard Kong (76)

The Convenors of the various Subcommittees will share with you all their action plans for the coming year soon. Suggestions and ideas from Fellow Old Boys are most welcome. We would be glad if more and more Old Boys can join our Subcommittees and work together to do some really good work for our beloved Association and our dear Alma Mater. 

2. The School Authority

As Brother Thomas is away from Hong Kong and back to Ireland for a well-deserved holiday- break, he has not been able to join our first Committee Meeting. However, he has attended our first Planning Meeting in ealry July and encouraged us to promote fraternity and solidarity among Old Boys and gather momentum for the work of our Association. With the strong support of Brother Thomas and the teaching staff in La Salle College, we are confident that we can collaborate closely with the School Authority in the coming one year, especially in matters relating to our treasured Heritage and current students. 

3. Honorary Advisors

The Committee has unanimously agreed to invite Mr. Henry Lau, Mr. Leung Lit On and Mr. Peter Chiu to be Honorary Advisors to the Committee for the comng year. Mr. Henry Lau is a well-respected retired teacher of LSC and one of the Founding Committee Members of our Association. Mr. Leung Lit On, a senior partner of Wilkinson & Grist Law Firm, has been Head Prefect of the School in the sixties and teaching staff of the College for some time. Mr. Peter Chiu is one of the Vice Principals of the College and has written over ten popular books on students in Hong Kong. We are sure that these three Senior Old Boys can give a lot of sound advice and innovative ideas to the Committee in the coming twelve months. 

4. Working Group on Constitutional Review

In response to the suggestions by fellow Old Boys, a Working Group on Constitutional Review will be set up to review the constitution of LSCOBA and submit a report with suggested amendments to the Committee for consideration before the end of October this year. Mr. Lester Huang (77), a senior lawyer and a Past President of our Association, has kindly agreed to lead the Working Group. The Working Group will consult widely among Old Boys communities, within and outside Hog Kong if necessary. 

5. 2003 Christian Brothers Cup

Thanks to the work of Mr. Gerald Ma and other members of the Sports and Recreation Subcommittee, a football tournament between OBA of La Salle Schools in Hong Kong and our ‘cousin school’ Kowloon Wah Yan College will be held in La Salle College on two consecutive Sundays starting from 3th August 2003. The schedule is as follows:  

3th August 2003 (Sunday)
09:00St. Jospeh College vs. Kwooon Wah Yan College (Group A)
10:20De La Salle College vs LSCOBA (Group B)
11:40Chong Gene Hang College vs. St. Joseph College (Group A)
13:20Chan Sui Ki College vs. De La Salle College (Group B)
14:40Kwoloon Wah Yan College vs. Chong Gene Hang College (Group A)
16:00LSCOBA vs. Chan Sui Ki College (Group B)
10th August 2003 (Sunday)
10:00penalty shootout if necessary
10:30dribbling, shooting and juggling contests
11:30Third Place in Group A vs. Third Place in Group B for Unity Cup and Shield
13:30Second Place of Group A vs. Second Place in Group B for Brotherhood Cup and Shield
15:30First Place of Group A vs. First Place of Group B for Lasallian Cup and Shield

All Old Boys are much welcome to join in the fun with their families and fellow classmates on these two Sundays to cheer our LSCOBA football team,meet some old friends and enjoy some brilliant football matches. Please let me know if some of you are interested to visit the new La Salle Primary School and I can see whether some guided visits could be arranged then. 

Looking forward to your warm support to our beloved Association and please do not hesitate to write to me if you have any exciting ideas and suggestions for our Association and Heritage. 

With warmest regards and Viva La Salle Spirit 

Dr. Robert Yuen Kar Ngai ’71
President, LSCOBA 2003/04