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Virtual celebration of the Lunar New Year

On 28 January, 7th day of the Lunar New Year, we had a Lunar New Year online celebration session with Members overseas and in Hong Kong. We also had the honour of the presence of Brother Thomas.

This online celebration has become a traditional “hallmark” event that during Lunar New Year, the La Salle Old Boys community had been looking forward to connect with new and old faces at different corners of the world. And of course, also the blessing from Brother Thomas.

In this year’s session, Brother Thomas had specifically mentioned that the coming year would be the year of succession in La Salle, when Principal Tong and many long-serving teachers would retire. Brother Thomas reminded and encouraged us to maintain our unity, to connect with Old Boys from different generations, and to continue to support the School in the new era.

Participants shared updates of the overseas chapters, and their wishes for the new year. It is the evident wish of the participants to strengthen the bonding within the Lasallian global community. This becomes something achievable with the resumption of international travel, and the presence by some representatives of LSCOBA Overseas Chapters at the 90th Anniversary Celebration Dinner on 10 December 2022 was a good start.

Once again, the LSCOBA would like to wish you all a prosperous Year of Rabbit, and continue to give our very best to La Salle.