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If you believe in winner takes all, or winning at all cost; read no further.

The sense of competitiveness propels us forward. It is an important ingredient of success through hard work and self-determination but there are things more important then just winning.

This afternoon, a large crowd of old boys gathered at Wan Chai Sports Ground to support our mother school. Of course, it is always a thrill watching them compete and win games. Deep in our heart, we know that emphasis on competition is not good enough to win but the hours of training and development ultimately determines the outcomes.

Everyone there knew that the chance of an overall championship was never near but still we made an effort to be there. We felt close to the athletes and the students, to cheer them up and gave a loud message that giving it all was all we were asking for.

Boys of courage and daring, give it all and you will understand why you are on the field.

Is it important to win every game?

No, it is more important for being yourself as a Lasallian.

To celebrate the sweetness of victory and being together to withstand all challenges and losses. To win and lose with class and develop ourselves to be the true champion of all.

Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, teachers and students and thank all the old boys for being there. We are so proud to be part of La Salle.

We will never give up. Never, Never, Never.

Dr. Bernard Kong ’76
President, LSCOBA 2004/05