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The La Salle College Jubilee Gift Fund

Dear Fellow Old Boys, 

Over the past 75 years, our Alma Mater bestowed upon everyone of us the invaluable opportunity to receive the best all-round Catholic education, nurtured us to develop our individual talents and through the hard work of the selfless and passionate teaching staff, imparted on us the vital knowledge to meet the challenges of life. La Salle College is now synonymous with quality education, bright students and dedicated faculty. 

Today, La Salle is facing challenges brought about by the rapid changes undergone in the recent years in the education scenes and fierce competition from other top schools. To better quantify those most imminent needs of LSC, the OBA had requested the Principal to draft up a “Wish List for School Development” with specific amounts needed per annum. To employ additional language teachers deemed most crucial for student development for a 5 years period, the total sum works out to be HK$2.75 Million. We are setting a donation target of HK$3.0 Million as OBs’ contribution to the Jubilee Gift Fund (JGF). 

The JGF was expressly established earlier this year for all Lasallians to show their appreciation for the invaluable gift of education we were so fortunate to receive and the great debt each and every one of us owe to the school. The school Appeal Letter and Donation Forms can be found at the URL: 

To reach our target amount, the OBA is soliciting donations which are all tax deductible from OBs with the following donation schemes:

  1. As a Gold Sponsor (HK$100K – 200K) or Diamond Sponsor (HK$200K+) of the Jubilee History Book commissioned by LSCOBA to commemorate the 75th anniversary of La Salle College. This definitive book will record significant events and everyday life stories in the 75 years history of our Alma Mater illustrated with many photographs not previously published. We are looking for individual or group (e.g. class year, St. John Ambulance, the ’88 Swim Team etc.) sponsors. A Special First Copy of the Jubilee History Book, leather-bound and autographed by all Brothers, the Principal and the chief author etc. will be auctioned to hte highest bidder during the Jubilee Dinner.
  2. As the Title Sponsor (individual or group) for the LSC Old School Building Model (HK$300K up to be determined by auction during Jubilee Dinner). A year in the making by expert model builders, the detailed model of the magnificent Old School Building, meticulously constructed from original architectural & construction drawings and rare photos of the building taken over the years, as a gift from the Old Boys to the school will be prominently placed in school building.
  3. As the Title Sponsor for the 2007 Lasallian Global Reunion Soccer Tournament and Charity Soccer Match between a “Bro. Thomas Team” and a “T.B. Cheung Sir Team” to be held on December 8 to December .
  4. Purchasing the Jubilee History Book or any of the 75th Anniversary souvenirs, attending the Global Reunion Dinner or any OBA functions etc. will also help to us to reach our donation target as all revenue after cost generated by OBA events during this year will be donated to the JGF.
  5. Direct donations to the JGF via LSCOBA. Just fill in the attached Donation Form, enclose a cheque for the amount and send to us. We will handle the rest.

To arouse more interest, there will a group competition for the largest donation amounts and highest participation with results to be announced during Jubilee Dinner. For enquiries, please write or fax to us or email to our secretary. Your class coordinators will also be contacting you shortly to explain the details and coordinate efforts to maximize donations from your class year. The intended target amount for each class year is HK$50K. 

Remember the pride and joy of being a La Salle Boy? For generations of future Lasallians to have the opportunity to experience the same spirit and feeling, please do give generously. 

Yours in de La Salle,

Charles K. Chan ’77
President, LSCOBA 2007-08