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The Hong Kong Lasallian Family Sector Conversation

To prepare for the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD) Mission Assembly to be held later this year, the Hong Kong Lasallian Family gathered online for its Sector Conversation on March 5. LSCOBA President and Vice President, Mr. Kent Lau and Mr. Arnold Chan, attended.

On that day, participants from the Lasallian school foundations, Lasallian Education Council, Lasallian schools and alumni associations, joined small group discussions on promoting Lasallian Mission in Hong Kong.

In recent years, LSCOBA has strengthened communication with old boys, especially the young ones, to boost their Lasallian spirit and sense of belonging to the community. After the Conversation, Kent made some observation. “The Conversation discussion is a rare opportunity that educators and alumni share their passion and pain point in promoting Lasallian value to the next generation and the public. It opened our eyes. We are not alone in preserving the Lasallian value outside curriculum, but a meaningful part in the big picture.”

“It was really refreshing and inspiring to meet other Lasallian educators in Hong Kong. While there may be challenges ahead, it is always important for us to remember the founding Lasallian mission of educating and helping the poor,” Arnold reflected.