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The 70th Anniversary of the Association, Season’s Greetings and more

Dear Fellow Old Boys,

70 years of outstanding tradition… 70 years of heritage and legacies… 70 years of bonding the many generations of Old Boys….

It’s, of course, the 70th Anniversary of La Salle College Old Boys’ Association and above all, this is a celebration of the Old Boys!

In 1938, a few Old Boys of the Matriculation Class considered the idea forming an alumni association for graduates of the College. In July of the following year, with the unreserved support and blessing of our founder and first Principal, Rev. Bro. Aimar, our Association was officially formed. The very first La Salle Old Boys’ Association (LSOBA) meeting was held exactly 70 years ago, attended by 150 old boys. Unbeknown to those participants at the time, that simple gathering marked the beginning of our Association, which has since propelled into one of the most established and active alumni associations in Hong Kong.

The name was changed to La Salle College Old Boys’ Association (LSCOBA) in 1978 but whatever the name, the Association symbolizes the unique Lasallian spirit: “Boys of Courage, Never-say-die, We are Something More…” that has been etched into our memories. Over the decades, the OBA has been offering services to the Old Boys’ community, promoting fraternity among its Members and safeguarding its traditions and heritage while supporting the College and many student activities. A series of celebratory events has been planned, the first big event of which was the 70th Anniversary Dinner Ball held in November. Look out for more announcements in coming months.

After the traditionally quiet summer months of July and August, the Association has returned to its usual active calendar.

The first Happy Hour gathering was held in late September in the exclusive Portuguese Club Lusitano in Central, the “new” home for this regular event for the whole of this term, much to the delight of those “Central dwellers”. Judging from a good turnout of more than 50 old boys, the change of venue from Mariners’ Club in TST was a timely and welcomed move, especially for those old boys working in the Island.

The OBA soccer league returned after a longer-than-usual summer break because of the renovation of the school’s track and field and there are 24 teams taking part this year. The Association would like to extend our gratitude to the classes of 79 and 84, who are celebrating their 30th and 25th anniversary respectively, and the soccer teams of the OBA league. Their generous donations made possible the proposal by the Association to turf the two “winged quadrants” at both ends of the tennis court which will be used for specialized training and players warming up upon completion before end of the year.

On a similar note, the classes of 69 and 59 held their reunion celebrations respectively for their 40th and 50th anniversary. Both were lively events attended by an energetic crowd with many of whom returned from overseas specifically for the gathering giving proof to the boisterous Lasallian spirit not tempered by time or distance. Our hearty congratulations to them!

As mentioned previously, classes who are celebrating their anniversaries can consider holding their reunion in school; what can be a more appropriate place to hold the reunion gathering than the School Hall? The Association is more than happy to offer our assistance and services in making the necessary arrangements (school tours, caterers, friendly matches, souvenir sales etc.) with the school. Certainly, reunions are times to remember the invaluable gift of education we all had received from La Salle and the OBA appeals to all classes to actively consider making a donation as a token of appreciation to our beloved Alma Mater as part of their anniversary celebrations. The Association would also be very pleased to match any donations to specific areas of needs of the school. Please write to us at [email protected].

The Mentorship Program is expanded this year to include the accounting and finance professions (in addition to medical and legal professions) and the initiation dinner was held in early October. More than 80 mentors and mentees gathered for the evening to kick start this year’s program which will include regular meetings between the matched mentors and mentees, a casual gathering for all groups midway through the term and a finale dinner in June next year. We thank the mentors for their time, support and contributions and the mentees for their active participation.

The LSCOBA 70th Anniversary Dinner Ball was held on 21st November 2009 in the Hong Kong Country Club attended by more than 150 old boys and their guests. The al fresco cocktail reception and the intimate and cozy dinner thereafter were very well received by all. Read about the event in a separate section of this newsletter.

At the kind invitation by the school, the OBA sent representatives to take part in the East Asian Games torch relay which was held concurrently with the school’s Sports Day on 18th November 2009. Moreover, two old boys’ relay teams participated in a friendly match with a teachers’ team as the traditional finale event of the Sports Day.

The La Salle Golfers celebrated their 15th anniversary, which coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Association, with a golf trip to Malaysia in early December. One of the highlights of this tour turned out to be a “non-golfing” function: a visit to Bro. Thomas and the St. John’s Institution, a renowned Lasallian boys’ school in the heart of downtown KL. Under the imposing school building built in 1908, the group was welcomed by Bro. Thomas and Bro. Andrew, the resident brother and given an informative and interesting tour of the campus. Many of the brothers who worked there had ties with LSC, including Rev. Bro. Marcian who wrote our famous school song! After presenting our souvenirs, Bro. Thomas returned as a gift to the Association a history book about the Lasallian schools in Malaysia which is now on display in the OB room for members to read.

The traditional Christmas Eve Mass will be celebrated in the School Chapel on 24th December 2009 with Rev. Edward Khong as the celebrant; all old boys and their families are welcome to attend.

2009 is drawing to an end and as we look back reflectively upon the happenings and occurrences of the year past, whether they be personal or otherwise, achievements or struggles, joyful or regrets, it’s a time to be festive while lest us forget, it’s also a time of giving, to the less fortunate…that’s the real Christmas spirit!

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!

Yours in de La Salle,

Charles K. Chan (77)