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Thanksgiving Mass and Homecoming LSC

Dear Fellow Old Boys,

For the Christian Brothers in Hong Kong and all the past and current students of La Salle College, this week is a significant one…… because our beloved Alma Mater celebrates its Founder’s Week this week and this is probably the last academic year that the Principal of the School is a Christian Brother. In fact, La Salle College is the last secondary schools founded by the Christian Brothers in Hong Kong to have a Christian Brother as the Principal and Chairman of the School Management Committee.

As the President of LSCOBA, I was invited to attend the Mass for St. John Baptist de La Salle held at St. Teresa’s Church in the morning of May 14, 2004. St. Teresa’s Church was fully packed with Christian Brothers, current and retired teachers and over one thousand six hundred La Salle boys in full uniform on that day. Rev. Father John A Cioppa, a Maryknoll Father, was the chief celebrant of the Mass and he spoke fondly of his secondary school days in a Catholic School run by La Salle Brothers in New York several decades ago. Rev. Brother Thomas also shared with the students some of his thoughts and self-reflection. He reminded the students to be generous and kind to those who were less fortunate in the society and asked them to keep going even if it was tough. The most touching part of the event was the moment when the President of Students Association LSC this year, Mr. Edfeel Heung, presented a souvenir to Brother Thomas for all the good work he had done for the School in the past years. This presentation of souvenir was immediately followed by a loud and warm applause from all the students and staff in the Church at that time.

Many of you may have read from this website that a Thanksgiving Mass and Homecoming event will be held in the School on 29.5.04 (Saturday). The program will start at 3:30 pm with a Thanksgiving Mass in the School Chapel followed by a sharing session with the retired Principals and teachers of LSC. There will be another Sharing Session by a number of prominent and senior old boys in the community including Mr. John Tsang JP, Mr. Thomas Gomez, Mr. Peter Wong and Prof SS Lau on their days under the Dome in the School Hall together with dinner in the evening.

All of you are most welcome and urged to join in all or part of this memorable function…… to say hello to the Brothers and the new Principal. Dr. Paul Lau, to renew old friendship and to tour around the new School Building. You can either reserve your place via this website or through your class co-coordinators.
Looking forward to seeing you on that day and have some nostalgic time together.

With warmest regards to you all and viva La Salle Spirit.

Dr. Robert Yuen Kar Ngai ’71
President, LSCOBA 2003/04