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Shanghai Chapter

Shanghai Chapter born on 28 October 2006

“When the old boys get together, they will always sing this song”.  Be it at La Salle Road, Hong Kong, or at Huihai Zhong Road, Shanghai, the song never loses its beat.  A defining moment was drawn in La Salle College old boys history when 26 old boys celebrated the inauguration of the first La Salle old boys chapter in Shanghai on 28 October 2006.  As the population of LaSallian residing and working in Shanghai has been rapidly growing in recent years it was natural for the old boys family to establish a chapter in Shanghai .  There was support from many old boys in the past, particularly from David Fong, that have made it possible for the establishment of the Shanghai Chapter.  The inauguration ceremony was graced by the then LSCOBA president Dr Bernard Kong and his committee members Charles Chan, Alan Lui, Dr Gordon Fong and Dennis Lam as well as several old boys who specifically flew in to attend the event.  Dr Kong said that he was proud to see the first old boys chapter set up in our motherland.  A strong platform to foster fraternity amongst old boys has thus been established here.  Dr Kong presented the La Salle College school flag and the Lasallite 2005, a gift from Brother Thomas to the Shanghai Chapter as a blessing to the newly born chapter.  The La Salle College school song was proudly sung in Shanghai for the first time. 

About La Salle College Old Boys Association Shanghai Chapter

The Chapter now comprises over 25 old boys of different generations and across different professions from private business, real estate, accountancy, legal, IT, management consultancy to academics. The Chapter actively promotes networking amongst old boys in Shanghai and a monthly event is held. The financially self-supported Chapter does not charge a membership fee.  It acts as a link between the Alma Mater and all LaSallians in Shanghai.

For coming events or you would like to help us expand the Shanghai old boys database please contact the Chapter Convenor Jim Yip at [email protected] or +86 13817851711.