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Revamped LSCOBA website launched

A revamped LSCOBA website with modernized layout and interactive features is now ready! When you click into, you would be impressed by a revitalized site with fresh layout and style. While you would find most information that was featured in the previous version, we had found new ways to curate and categorize information in a user-friendly manner.

We are committed to provide a convenient and enjoyable browsing experience for our Members. We are still improving and adding more functions at the website. For example, the digital membership platform will be available via our website soon, where Members could check and update their personal particulars after logging in. New membership application could also be submitted online.

We will bring the latest update and announcement from LSCOBA to Members and the public via this revamped website.

We would like to thank the IT Subcommittee and all Members involved in the team leading the website redesign, for all the efforts they have put in this critical exercise in the digital transformation journey of LSCOBA.