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Request for convening an extraordinary general meeting (EGM)

Date : 29 Jul 2019

Dear LSCOBA members,

The Committee received a PDF copy of a members’ requisition (the “Requisition”) submitted via email on 26 July 2019, by a non LSCOBA member, Mr. Fung Kai Man Kenny (2003), to request the Committee to convene an extraordinary general meeting (the “EGM”) pursuant to Article 39 of the Articles of Association of the LSCOBA (the “Articles”).

The Committee noted that Mr. Fung is not a member of the LSCOBA and did not sign in the Requisition, we are communicating with Mr. Fung to confirm the submission of the Requisition.

The Committee has also already started communicating directly with the members who have signed the Requisition to collect their original signing pages. Upon receipt of the original Requisition, together with the original signed pages, the Committee shall verify the Requisition and convene a Committee meeting to discuss the logistics of convening the EGM in due course.

Please note that any official communication of the LSCOBA will be mailed to the registered addresses of the members, thus members are encouraged to keep their particulars updated at

The Committee will keep the members posted on this matter.


Herman Bo (1989)

President, LSCOBA 2019-2020