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Dear members of the LSCOBA,

There have been a lot of speculations and rumors concerning the resignation of our Principal, Dr Paul Lau. Today, there is also an enquiry on Dr Robert Yuen’s (Immediate Past President) internal e-mail to the committee. Whether the e-mail is supposed to be confidential or not is not the core of the subject although it may raise ethical concern.

There is an urgent need for me to clear things up with my members.

Just before our last committee meeting (2 June 2006), I was expecting that there might be a very important agenda coming up in the SMC meeting in July about the 2 year probation of Dr Paul Lau. I being one of the managers of the SMC might be consulted on this subject. A similar agenda was raised a year ago and all managers were happy for Dr Paul Lau to carry on.

This is an important consultation and I did not want to go in without any preparation. I have the understanding that even though I am the President of the LSCOBA, my representation in the SMC is on a personal level. The closest to me are my committee members and I believe they have better exposure to school affairs. I do not think I should ask anybody else in the open as this is sensitive and inappropriate.

I could have asked my committee privately but then that would not be fair to each of my committee member. I wanted a collective view on the subject from my committee and I fully respect and appreciate their support and opinion. However, I would like to point out that Dr. Robert Yuen was not able to attend this meeting although he has given his advice to me the night before in the monthly Happy Hour not to involve LSCOBA in the SMC. I agree with him in principle and I have not done so, I merely wanted the collective views from my committee. Apparently, it appears that there must have been a misunderstanding later on as Dr Robert Yuen called up our Hon Secretary regarding the events of the committee meeting. He did not confirm the information with me before issuing his ‘Resolutions’ e-mail to the committee.

I therefore raised the following in the committee meeting under the AOB section.

  1. Should the President consult his committee on the probation issue of our Principal?
  2. If yes, What advice would the committee give the President?

I thanked my committee for their advice and also told them that I would fully respect what the SMC would conclude. My committee knows that I have utmost respect for the school and the sponsoring body. There were NO resolutions passed in the LSCOBA committee meeting to govern the President’s representation in the SMC. After all, I am only representing myself there.

I would like to reassure all members that the school is fine and in good care, which I have every confidence.

Yours truly,

Dr. Bernard Kong ’76
President, LSCOBA 2005/06
E-mail address: presidentEmail LSCOBA