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Notice of Change of Returning Officer 2021-08-26

Dear Members,

We refer to the Notice of Adjourned 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Mr. Roger Lee (85) informed the Association that, due to prior personal commitments, he would not be able to attend the Adjourned AGM and conduct the election of the office-bearers and members of the Committee. To ensure the effectiveness and fairness of the election, Mr. Lee proposed and the Association accepted his resignation from the position of Returning Officer of the election. The Association would like to thank Mr. Lee for the services he had provided and particularly the success of the Alumni Manager Election 2021.

The Association has appointed Mr. Huang Robin Mark Garvey (85) to replace Mr. Lee as the Returning Officer of the election. Please contact Mr. Huang if you have any queries concerning the election.

Unless otherwise stated in this announcement, all of the details of the election as announced in the Notice remain unchanged.

Thank you.

Chan Yik Kan (02)
Honorary Secretary
LSCOBA 2020-2021
Email: [email protected]